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ext4 partition require password to view files

I have 5 partition in my harddisk. All were formated in Windows system in NTSF file system. Hours ago I have changed all partitions file system to ext4. Now I am facing a security issue which cause a disturb to me. All ext4 filesystems require password to view contents of folders. When I tried to enter as usual user then a dialogue box says:
The folder contents could not be displayed.
You do not have the permissions necessary to view the contents of "foldername".
I need to work as root user with 'sudo nautilus' command. When I operate as sudo then everything looks and behave normal. But when I tried to access those partition (Hard disk drive) as regular user then those partitions ask me to enter root password. Same situation might happen to you.

It is a problem of owner issue. You don't have much permission to access those partitions. You need to change ownership of drives. Just type the command below in terminal and press enter.
sudo chown -R (Your username):nogroup /media/(Partition ID or Mount address)
Getting partition or drive id:
  1. At first mount that partition
  2. Now press 'Ctrl + L'
  3. Now you will get mount address in nautilus
Replace 'Your username' without first brackets (). Then this command will look like:
sudo chown -R myname:nogroup /media/cb9a6473-56fd-82e4-48ed-46bd4ab615a4
Enter password, now try to browse files and folders in that ext4 filesystem drive. You could do all things easily now. You don't need anymore password. You need to do same thing for every harddisk drive.

I tried it in Ubuntu 10.04 and works perfectly.

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