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Title bar lost in Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx

Some days ago I installed 'Compiz' in my Ubuntu system. After 3 or 4 days I remove compiz and a new kind of problem occured. After opened a window I found that their is no any 'Title bar' in the upper side of that window. So, the 'close', 'minimise' and 'maximise' buttons has lost. Even I can not move that window in my desired place. This is a problem of Metacity window manager. I have tried to solve this problem in several way, at last I found the perfect solution. I am writing my activity step by step.

I know that the first solution of this situation is
Open terminal and run command 'metacity --replace'
I tried it and works fine. But if i close the terminal then titlebar gone again. So, I run another command in terminal

type 'compiz --replace' and press Enter
This kind of problem caused for some older NVIDIA and ATI graphics card. If compiz enable in these system lost titlebar effect can be seen. Best suggestion is disable compiz in the machine with NVIDIA and ATI.

I tried 'metacity --replace &' but after closing terminal the titlebar also gone outside. So I run that command in run option using keys 'Alt+F2'

I found a solution online at But it is for Ubuntu 7.04. I did not found and guideline here for my problem.

I also delet 'compiz' folder from 'Home' and 'File System>user' folder. But problem exists as it is.

At last I tried a simple method.

I went to 'Systems > Preferences > Startup Applications' and press 'Add' button.
In Name, wrote 'Metacity Replace Command'
In Command, wrote 'metacity --replace'
and saved and restart computer.

This command will automatically triggered every time when system restart. metacity replace will start every time.

My problem was gone with this trick.


  1. Fix the typo in the command :)

    metacity --replace

    Rather than

    meatacity --replace

    Good helpful hint though. Mine does this off and on, rebooting sometimes fixes it, sometimes not. Now it's not a problem anymore, yay!

  2. Great job. It works fine. Thanks

  3. Thank you 'anonymous' I am fixing it now. Thank you 'nupur'. I am very happy that it works for you.


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