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Ubuntu 10.10 slide show

In this moment website decorated with a slide show. It is on the latest release. I think I should share them with my blog readers if s/he is a Windows user. All slides are actually a snippet of Ubuntu flavors.Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat pulished
The Perfect 10 is here!
Ubuntu 10.10's arrived and it's better than ever.
Ubuntu 10.10 netbook edition download
Good things come in small packages.
Ubuntu Netbook and unity. A revolution in small-screen computing.
Ubuntu 10.10 desktop edition ready to download
Ubuntu 10.10 Desktop Edition
Thousands of apps. Millions of users, Find out why.
Ubuntu 10.10 can play mp3, video, flash
Get away from it all
Your favourite artists. Your favourite songs. Wherever you are.
This is Ubuntu 10.10. Best linux distribution in the world. Test it and understand yourself why you should use it instead of windows.

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