About me
I am Maxim.
Age: 25
Studying in a college. Graduate level.
Like to read book on my leisure time.
Also enjoy travel through countryside.


I will tell you later.....

Actually, I am looking for a person who will help me to develop my English.
 If you interested to guide me through the horizon of English language please contact me with a Email.

About this Blog
This is my online activity through network. I am learning english and exploring web world. I like to write about those things which catch my eye.

About this Blog name
When I wish to write a blog, I though many times about a perfect name. I don't know why I thought this name, but suddenly I made it. I made a combination of two word 'net' and 'gator'. After starting my blog one day I want to know my position in Google search engine. So I type 'NetGator' in search field and click on 'Go'. I am really surprised to know that there is a online network device company who own the 'Netgator'. I thought that company is not so popular. Thogh they have a name which I choose for my blog. I am not sure if it is lawful or not. I don't know if I am breaking any registration or copyright law.

  1. I said about the similarity of my blog name and a network devices company name.
  2. I learned tutorials and onformations from internet. So all credits goes to that specific website.
  3. All tips and tricks are delivered here under the terms of 'as is'. That means, if you lost your valuable data implementing any tricks found here, then I am sorry for that great loss, but have nothing to do or take any action to recover.
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