Create customise menu entry on antiX OS

Today we will add a menu entry (Program shortcut) on antiX main menu. It is icewm, so many thing are different then KDE or GNome. This kind of minimal environment require some coding experience to do customise. But antiX has a adding menu enty way. It don't need and console based command typing skill. It is GUI (Graphical user interface). So, you can add a program shortcut using some graphical dialogue box.

I took my favorite simple text editor 'Leafpad' as a example. I named this new shortcut 'm-leafpad' (My leafpad).

* Here is the process to add a shortcut link in mainmenu of antiX linux operating system.

Directly go to antiX menu >Tools > System >Add .desktop Files
Look at the image below. It describe itself.
add desktop file on main menu antiX osadd desktop file (application shortcut) on main menu of antiX os

Click on the "Add .desktop Files" textlink to start.

A new window will appear. You should put some related information here.
desktop files informationsnapshot of desktop files information
  • Write your applications shortcut name at Menu-name
  • Point an icon file's link here at Menu icon.
  • What is your Menu Category mention here. Where do you want to place this link, white here.
  • 'Command to execute' is the main issue of a shortcut link. Write application's executive file's name here.
  • If you want to run preferred application in 'terminal' then select 'yes' in the 'Launch in terminal' . Normally we should select 'no'.
  • Now press 'OK'.
  • You have done.
A message will appear.
menu entry created on antiX osMenu entry created
This message box says:
Your .desktop file has been saved as /usr/share/applications/filename.desktop
You should get the newly created shortcut on application folder. Look at the image below.
customised menu entry created on antiX linux operating systemcustomised menu entry created on antiX linux operating system at /usr/share/applications folder
update menu entry to show instantlyUpdate menu entry to show created shortcut link instantly
Now you should update menu from ANTIX menu >Desktop >IceWM> Update Menu (Auto)
created customised shortcut link on office menuCreated customised shortcut link on office menu
Finally my customised application shortcut link has been created succesfully. I found it on my proffered submenu.

I am not expert on antiX OS. I just discover this process. I found that sometimes this method does not work. It happened if you select wrong category on second step.

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