How to install Linux Mint 19 (Tara) Detail & Screenshots

How to install Linux Mint 19 (Tara) Detail & Screenshots
LinuxMint 19 Tara published on 29th June 2018. I have download it on 30th June and installed in my friends laptop. Today I am explaining the installation process in details. I have took screenshots of every moment during installation. Here is the images and descriptions. After reading the full post you would know “How to install LinuxMint 19 Tara” in harddisk.

First of all download LinuxMint 19 Tara ISO  (Read the news at this post “Linux Mint 19 Tara released and ready to download”). Check  consistency with  it’s md5 hash. Know the way to check md5 has from this post. Burn the ISO in a Disk or USB stick. Change the BIOS settings and run live LinuxMint from the DVD or USB stick. Please be informed that, I am using Linux Mint 19 Mate edition to create this post.

Choose ‘Start LinuxMint’ in Boot section. Wait a bit, live session will start shortly. Now you are ready to install LinuxMint in your hard disk.

1. Double click on the disk icon labeled “Install Linux Mint”. Installation will start, stay calm. It may take a minute to start installer.

Linux Mint 19 TARA Mate desktop
Linux Mint 19 TARA Mate desktop

2. Welcome screen will appear in-front of you. Choose your preferred language from the list shown left side.
Welcome slide show of linux mint 19 installation
Welcome slide show of Linux mint 19 installation

3.  Now choose your preferred Keyboard layout. I select ‘English (US)’. You could change it in your desired language. Selecting the language click on ‘Continue’ button.
Linux Mint 19 Tara installation choose keyboard language
Linux Mint 19 Tara installation choose keyboard language
4. A new screen will ask you if you want to connect ‘Wireless’ network now or not. It said
Connecting this computer to a WI-fi network allows you to install third-party software, download updates, automatically detect your timezone, and install full support for your language.
Linux Mint 19 Tara installation connect wi-fi network
Linux Mint 19 Tara installation connect wi-fi network
You could connect with your machines own hardware in this moment. I choose ‘I don’t want to connect to a wi-fi network right now’. Because I could do updates, install third-party softwares later. I just wanted to install the OS as soon as possible.

5.  Now an another screen ask you to select an option. It said
“Install third party software for graphics and wi-fi hardware, flash, MP3 and other media”. To run this media it will install media codecs from the installation image. So I check mark the option and press ‘Continue’ to go next.
preparing to install third party codecs
Preparing to install third party codecs

6. This is a important section to start installation. It named “Installation type”. Please select with cation because you could destroy your previous data if you make any mistake. Remember if you do any mistake, nothing can be undone or recover. I select ‘Something else’. Because this option give me full power to do anything.
Linux Mint 19 Tara Installation Type
Linux Mint 19 Tara Installation Type
 You could choose any one of the option shown here. All option have much information just below the title text. Say, if you choose first one, the new installation will work with previous operating system without making any problem. Your documents, music and other personal files will kept intact. Nothing will be deleted in installation  process.

If you choose the second option “Erase disk and install Linux Mint” then everything (if you have anything) will be deleted at the moment of install new OS.

OK? now click on ‘Continue’ to go next level.

7. Now its the place for partitioning your hard-disk. You could do anything with your hard disk here. Here is my hard-disk. Its a 250 GB SSD.
Manage harddisk partitions on the way of linuxmint19 installation
Manage hard-disk partitions
If you configure anything here an warning message will show the corresponding information. If you know what to do then do not hesitate. Just press ‘Continue’ to enter next.
Linux Mint 19 Tara installation select format home folder
Create and format HOME folder

It is a warning message if I made any wrong selection.  But I know that I am doing partition on a hard-disk. So no need to worry about anything. I just set a partition as my ‘HOME’ folder and tick on check-box to format this partition as ‘Ext4 journaling file system’. Keep in mind that it is normal.
LinuxMint19tara partition warning
LinuxMint19 Tara partition warning

It is a regular warning which aware me if I made any wrong on the previous section. If you don’t believe yourself, then please click on ‘Go Back’ button and check everything again. But if you know what are you doing, then click ‘Continue’.

After completing partitioning the hard-disk you have made the hard-disk to ready to take OS files. You could start copying installation softwares now. So click on ‘Install Now’ button.

If you need some idea to partitioning a hard-disk, please feel free to ask me in the comment section.

8. Install has not start yet. Please select your timezone. Let the system know where are you living in the political earth. Click on the country where does you live in.
Linux Mint 19 installation slide selecting timezone
Select your timezone
9. Now inform the system about your identity. Who you are and what is your system name. That means it is the place for ‘User creation’. You should write a password here. You will get three options to make you system safe. You could encrypt the home folder. You could set the system to ‘Log in automatically’ or ‘Require the password to log in’. I always select it. Press ‘Continue’ to start installation.
LinuxMint19 Tara installation slide User Creation and set password
Create user and set password
10.  Linux Mint 19 Tara installation has started. Look the progress bar that it advanced to to middle place in the background when you changing timezone or creating user information. Now time to stay relax. Look at the sky and take a deep breath. Or you could read the text on the splash screen of slide show. The first screen says
Welcome and thank you for choosing Linux Mint. This slide-show will show you around while the system is being installed on your computer.
LinuxMint19 Tara installation slide show start
Welcome in Linux Mint 19 installation

11. Browse the web
Be fast and safe on the web with Mozilla Firefox. Enjoy Java, Flash and multimedia content
LinuxMint19 Tara installation slide show browse the web
LinuxMint19 Tara installation slide show browse the web
12.  Listen to music
Enjoy your music, listen to pod-casts and on-line radios.
LinuxMint19 Tara installation slide show listen to music pod-casts and radios
Listen to music, pod-casts and radios

13. Watch videos and DVDs
Insert a DVD and enjoy  movie, Watch high-definition videos with VLC.
LinuxMint19 Tara installation slide show watch video and DVD
Watch video and DVD

14. Manage your photos
Organize, enjoy and share your photos. Export your albums to share them with friends and family.
LinuxMint19 Tara installation slide show manage your photos
LinuxMint19 Tara installation slide show manage your photos
15. Stay connected
Keep in touch with your friends and contacts by email, messenger or on your favorite social networks. Linux Mint provides all you need to interact with twitter, Facebook, MSN, ICQ, Google Talk, AIM, Yahoo and many other networks.
LinuxMint19 Tara installation slide show stay connected in twitter facebook msn
Stay connected in twitter, facebook, msn.
16. Be productive
Use LibreOffice to create professional documents, spreadsheets and presentations that are fully compatible with microsoft Office, Share printers or access them remotely.
LinuxMint19 Tara installation slide show be productive with libreoffice
Be productive with Libreoffice

17. Install Software
Browse through 30,000 free applications from the Software Manager. Enjoy screen-shots and user reviews. Install software with one click of the mouse.
LinuxMint19 Tara installation slide show install softwares with software manager
Install softwares with software manager

18. Run Windows softwares
Install Wine and run Windows Software in Linux Mint. Or install Virtualbox, and run Windows itself within Linux Mint.
Run windows softwares using wine in linuxmint
Run windows softwares using wine in LinuxMint
19. Customize your desktop
Make yourself at home and modify any aspect of your desktop. Choose from a large variety of themes, icons and backgrounds. Linux Mint is open and easy to customize.
Linux Mint 19 Tara installation slide show customize desktop
Linux Mint 19 Tara installation slide show customize desktop
20. Keep your system up to date
Receive fixes and security updates all in one place, for the entire system including the software you install.
Linux Mint 19 Tara installation slide show keep system uptodate
Keep system up-to-date
21. Find Help
If you’re curious about something or if you’re facing a problem, simply ask around. Linux Mint is one of the most popular desktop Linux distributions and used by millions of people. It comes with a user guide, a community website, a collection of tutorials, active forums and chat rooms and one of the most dynamic communities on the internet.
Linux Mint 19 Tara installation slide show find help
Linux Mint 19 Tara installation slide show find help

At last you have done. Installation is complete. So a message will appear and said:
Installation has finished. You can continue testing Linux Mint now, but until you restart the computer, any changes you make or documents you save will not be preserved.
Linux Mint 19 Tara installation complete
Linux Mint 19 Tara installation complete

My suggestion is if you made any documents in live mode then save them in a USB stick.

Now, it’s time to restart the computer, pull out the installation disk or USB stick and taste the fresh flavors of Linux Mint 19 Tara.

I have 2GB RAM on a AMD Duel Core processor in this test machine. In my case  installation takes 18 minute only.

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Ubuntu based Peppermint 9 Operating System Released and ready to download

Ubuntu based Peppermint 9 Operating System Released and ready to download

Peppermint team has realeased Peppermint 9. It is based on the Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (long term support) code base.

New Peppermint 9 highlights are

  • lxrandr is replaced with xfce4-display-setttings for monitor settings.
  • The Menulibre menu editor is now installed by default.
  • Continuing the theme of improved menu and launchere management, there is now a right-click “Create new launcher here” desktop context menu item.
  • Nemo file manager now has a right-click “Send by email” context menu item. (You should have a native email client such as Thunderbird).
  • The Panel Reset function in the Peppermint Settings Panel no longer needs to log you out of your session to reset the panel
  • Xfce Panel Switch utility is now installed by default, so user can now backup/restore any custom panel configurations and switch between them.
  • System Notification Settings (in the settings panel) now has a “Do Not Disturb” function, or notifications can be enabled/disabled on a per application basis.
  • Peppermint 9 now has both usual Mintinstall software manager and Gnome Software. Start Gnome Software at :- Menu > System > Software
  • HTOP is installed by default.
  • The graphical screenshot utility pyshot is replaced with xfce4-screenshooter.
  • New Microsoft Office Online SSB’s .. Even though these are simply links to the free online ‘web app’ version of Office.
  • New Skye Web Client SSB. This is mainly for 32bit users like me.
  • The Kernel is now the 4.15 series (4.15.0-23 on the ISO)
  • The Nemo file manager is now verion 3.6.5
  • Peppermint 9 is now the 18.04 LTS code base, so has access to all the latest software.
  • It comes in both 32 bit and 64 bit version.

All information taken from Peppermint OS website.

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LinuxMint 19 Tara released and ready to download

LinuxMint 19 Tara released and ready to download
New version of LinuxMint has been released on 29th June 2018. Version number is 19 and code name is ‘Tara’.  This version is based on Ubuntu 18.04 and published in three flavor. LinuxMint took 3 major desktop environment Cinnamon, Mate and Xfce to give end user the various experience. In my case I always like Mate and Xfce. I personally use Xfce and recommend Mate for my friends. I don’t want to say anything about Cinnamon environment. That is also popular to many Linux user. I have not any saying about Cinnamon, I just wanted to limited my download. So, I choose only Mate and Xfce. This is a LTS (Long term support) release which will be supported until 2023. It contain many new features to make users desktop experience more comfortable.

Linux Mint 19 "Tara" Cinnamon Edition
Linux Mint 19 "Tara" Cinnamon Edition

Linux Mint 19 "Tara" MATE Edition
Linux Mint 19 "Tara" MATE Edition

Linux Mint 19 "Tara" Xfce Edition
Linux Mint 19 "Tara" Xfce Edition

Here are some new features explained in Linuxmint website.

LinuxMint developers have worked hard to make this new distro more user friendly. Here are  some abstract from their official announcement.

It is now at the center of Linux Mint's update strategy and communication.
Using the timeshift feature user can go back in time and restore their computer to the last functional system snapshot. If anything breaks, timeshift can go back to the previous snapshot which bring a good condition to perfom the system smoothly. Actually it simplifies the maintenance of the system.

Welcome Screen
Linux Mint 19 come with a brand new welcome screen.

Software Manager
The Software Manager which was revamped and gained Flatpak support received many improvements. The search is faster, asynchronous and you can now search within categories.

HiDPI support gets better with every new release.

XApps improvements
Xed, the text editor, uses a new preferences window. This type of window is provided by libXapp and could be used by more applications in the future.

Other improvements
  • The USB stick formatting tool now supports exFat.
  • The Software Sources tool is able to show the installed packages from a PPA.
  • The multimedia codecs now include the Microsoft fonts.
  • All the Mint tools support HiDPI, GTK3 and Python3. Many also transitioned to AptDaemon and pkexec.

  • Pidgin was removed from the default software selection. It will continue to be available in the repositories but it is no longer installed by default.
  • Ntp and ntpdate were removed. Cinnamon uses systemd to adjust the time.
  • The PIA Manager, the set up tool for PIA VPN connections (available in the repositories), now remembers your username, password and gateway settings.
  • This release ships with linux-firmware 1.173 and the Linux kernel 4.15.0-20.
Artwork improvements
Linux Mint 19 features a superb collection of backgrounds

All informations above collected from LinuxMint Website.

Download all versions from this official download page
Download LinuxMint 19 Tara
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Download Full Circle Magazine #132 – ELEVEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY ISSUE!

Download Full Circle Magazine #132 – ELEVEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY ISSUE!

Here is an amazing news that, the famous Full Circle Magazine has been published it’s 11 years issue! This is the best magazine on Ubuntu Linux I’ve ever read. I read Full circle every month and learn various Linux news, command and customizations.

  • The regular topics are included in this month too. They are:
  • Command & Conquer
  • How-To : Python, Freeplane, and Ubuntu Touch
  • Graphics : Inkscape
  • Everyday Linux
  • Researching With Linux
  • My Opinion
  • My Story
  • Book Review: Cracking Codes With Python
  • Ubuntu Games: Dwarf Fortress
  • and also News, Qustion & Answers, and much more.

Editor Mr. Ronnie said in this editorial:

Well, plenty to write about this month. First, we have the return of the man, the legend, Greg Walters. Yes, he's back and with more Python. Second, we have the return of Miguel and his Ubuntu Touch series. This was put on hold while the Canonical Ubuntu Touch died off and the UbPorts Touch settled down in its place. Miguel is confident that what you'll learn now will be applicable to UbPorts Touch. Of course, as ever, we still have Freeplane, Inkscape, and the others. No Great Cow Basic this month, but it will hopefully return next month. Unfortunately, we have to say goodbye to Charles McColm who's been with us for years with his Linux Labs column and KODI stuff. This month is a stand-in Linux Labs column, which will be the last one. We wish him all the best, and the door is always open for his return. Elsewhere in this issue we have our cover story of how to boot TEN Linux distros from one USB stick, SJ has written a short piece comparing Linux and BSD, and I've fallen down the rabbit hole that is Dwarf Fortress. You may have heard of it as it was the inspiration for a little game called Minecraft. I couldn't possibly write a tutorial that does Dwarf Fortress justice, so I'm just showing you how to get this behemoth up and running.

It's our birthday! Yes, it was ELEVEN YEARS AGO that the first Full Circle hit the virtual Internet shelves. I was hopeful of reaching eleven issues. I never thought it'd be eleven years! With a birthday issue always comes a survey to see what you good people think of us. This time I've tweaked the questions to ask more about what you do with Ubuntu, and other distros, and (of course) what you like/dislike about FCM. The link to the survey is:

All the best, and keep in touch!

Full circle is taking a survey to understand readers mind and everyday Ubuntu using habit. If you interested then plseas heed to this link and complete the survey to help them develop their activity more.

Download Full Circle magazine 132 issue from FCM site both in pdf (5.8MB) and epub format

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Ubuntu MATE 18.04 has released it's final ISOs to download

Ubuntu MATE 18.04 has released its final ISOs to download

I like Mate desktop, because it has lot of options to customize. I could make it as my desire and dream. It is my pleasure that Ubuntu is using MATE as it’s community based flavor for years. The new Ubuntu Mate 18.04 has been released on 26th April 2018.

New things are quite same in core side of Ubuntu main distribution. But antithetical and some functionality has made some great changes.

First of all this version is using MATE Desktop 1.20.1. That means it has transitioned from the GTK 2.24 based MATE 1.12 to the very latest MATE 1.20.1 based on GTK 3.22. So, everybody is waiting for many of the new features.

I am trying to tell some of them one by one:

The File Manager (Caja) has now ready to operate a lot of work. Developers has been added several new features to Caja. Those are:
  • Advanced bulk rename - A batch renaming extension.
  • Encryption - An extension which allows encryption and decryption of files using GnuPG.
  • Hash checking - An extension for computing and validating message digests or checksums.
  • ACL properties - An extension to edit access control lists (ACLs) and extended attributes (xattr). Folder Color - An extension for applying custom colours and emblems to folders and files. Replaced the deprecated caja-gksu with caja-admin which uses PolicyKit to elevate permissions in the file manager for administrative tasks.
Window Manager (Marco)
If hardware/drivers support DRI3 then the window manager (Marco) compositing is now hardware accelerated. This dramatically improves 3D rendering performance, particularly in games. If  hardware doesn’t support DRI3 then Marco will fall back to a software compositor.

Desktop Layouts
Ubuntu Mate developers make an amazing style to use various desktop layouts. It will bring a new kind of desktop experience to a new or older user. They called them diferently according to style and app organization.
  • Familiar - the default experience, a familiar two panel layout with a searchable menu
  • Mutiny - application dock, searchable launcher and global menus similar to Unity 7
  • Cupertino - a dock and top panel with searchable launcher and global menus similar to macOS
  • Redmond - single bottom panel with a searchable menu, similar to the taskbar in Windows
  • Pantheon - a dock and top panel with a searchable menu
  • Contemporary - modernised two panel layout featuring a searchable menu with global menus
  • Netbook - a compact, single top panel layout, ideal for small screens
  • Traditional - two panel layout featuring the iconic ‘Applications, Places, System’ menu
Super Key
It is known as Windows key, but in Mac OS the key is named Super Key. Now super can be used to activate the menus/launchers, and other key-bindings.

(MATE Dock Applet, used in the Mutiny layout, also includes launching or switching to docked items based on their position using in the dock using Super + 1, Super + 2 which will be familiar to Unity 7 users. Super + L is also recognised as a screen lock key-binding along with the usual Ctrl + Alt + L that MATE Desktop users expect.)

Global Menu
The Global Menu implementation has switched from TopMenu to Vala Panel Appmenu which is compatible with GTK, Qt, LibreOffice, Firefox/Thunderbird, Google Chrome, Electron and others.
Global Menus are integrated in the Mutiny and Cupertino desktop layouts but can be added to any panel. You could use it to maximise screen space in any Desktop layout.

Brisk Menu
Brisk Menu is an efficient, searchable, menu for the MATE Desktop is being using for years. It comes first in Solus Project, they are original maintainers of Brisk Menu.
The Mutiny and Cupertino desktop layouts make use of a new dash-style launcher, which enables a fullscreen searchable application launcher while the other layouts present Brisk Menu as a more traditional menu.

All informations are taken from Ubuntu-Mate (Bionic Beaver) 18.04 final release note page. You could get more informations and more screenshots there.

Both 32 bit and 64 bit isos are available to download.

Even you could install it on Apple PowerPC or Rasberry Pi. All ISO’s need different kind of hardware.

So, heed to this Ubuntu-Mate Download page and choose your preferred ISO to use in your own machine.
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