Alarm Clocks & A Clock Applet for Ubuntu Linux

Sometimes we need an alarm clock to do a job at specific time. Normally, we use manual alarm clock to awake up us at right time. But when we are on Ubuntu linux, then why don't we use a digital alarm clock to call me up or remind me my job at the very right moment? Here are some "Alarm Clocks" which you can use at your ubuntu machine. I think these clocks and applet will work on LinuxMint or any other Debian based Gnome desktop flavored Linux OS.

Alarm Clock
Alarm Clock, Schedule your tasks
Alarm Clock, Schedule your tasks

It is a personal alarm clock for GTK+ desktop environments. It supports sound fading, scheduled alarms, snooze option, passive window reminders, exception lists for scheduled alarms, exporting alarms and much more!
Alarm Clock applet for the GNOME panel
Alarm Clock applet for the GNOME panel
Alarm Clock applet for the GNOME panel

Alarm Clock is a fully-featured alarm clock for your GNOME panel. It is easy to use yet powerful with support for multiple and repeatable alarms, as well as snoozing and a flexible notification system. Two types of alarms are supported: Alarm Clocks and Timers. Notification is done by either playing a sound or launching an application.
Alarm Clock gnome applet ubuntu linuxmint menu
Alarm Clock applet menu

This Alarm clock applet has some great feature:


Alarm Clock will notify you of an alarm by either playing a sound or starting your favorite music player! You can of course specify which sound you would like to use and whether it should be repeated or not. It’s also possible to specify a custom command to run instead of the pre-defined media players.
A notification bubble will appear when an alarm goes off, just in case you missed the sound.

Both alarms and timers can be snoozed - it's as easy as selecting the alarm and clicking "Snooze".

For convenience, the right-click menu of the panel icon provides quick access to snoozing and stopping any beeping alarms.


Alarm Clock is powerful and supports multiple alarms as well as auto-repeatable alarms.

Official website: alarm-clock.pseudoberries

An alarm clock designed as an hourglass
sanduhr, An alarm clock designed as an hourglass
Sanduhr is an alarm clock for the X Window System which uses (and requires) the GNOME desktop environment. It has an extensive manual and a complete CORBA interface. It uses the X Window System and the GNOME desktop environment. When moment arrives it will alert you by either ringing the console bell, by playing a sound file, or by starting an external program of your choice. This tiny program is fully integrated into the GNOME application framework

  • It uses the GNOME help system to provide an extensive manual.
  • Use of CORBA: The program features a full-grown CORBA interface. So you may control the SandUhr from within your own programs or plug in custom alarm actions.
  • It has support for the GNOME window manager hints.
  • Drag and drop: you may drop a color onto the timer to change the sand's visual appearance.

Official Website:

Displays a clock in 12/24h mode with alarm mode
wmclockmon, Displays a clock in 12/24h mode with alarm mode
wmclockmon displays a clock like wmtime, but with an alarm timer and different styles (14 + user customized ones). There's also a "binary clock" style available.

All applications are available via Ubuntu Software Center. Just type the name at search box and install in seconds. No worry about security or 3rd party software problem.

Try to use these clocks on Peppermint, Lubuntu, Xubuntu and share your experiences.
(Acknowledgement: All texts are taken from ubuntu software center and corresponding website)

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