Bipasha Bashu goes topless openly

bathing naked bipasha basu
sexy bipasha bashu boobs
Famous Indian actress, model, celebrity artist Bipasha Bashu opened her upper side publicly. In late 1999 she performed a commercial ad.
model bipasha bashu crazyFamous advertising director Tommy kane publish that video in her Youtube channel. This short drama described as:
A televison commercial for the New York Lotto directed by Ken Nahoum. Art directed by illustrator Tommy Kane. Shot in India.
Theme of that ad is very simple. A prince is coming to marry. Princes Bipasha Bashu is bathing for wedding. When she is getting bath. She goes topless for a moment. It last only for 2 seconds. This video was posted at list one year ago. But not much people know about it. One day a Indian reporter discovered that special video on Youtube and spread the news in all India.
Director Tommy Kane has some comment on this news in her blogpost News from Bollywood.. Take a look at that video:

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