Create search box on blog

Today we will create a search box for our hosted blog. This search box can able to search your blog context. Add this search box in a HTML/ Javascript gadget box.

First code:
<form id="searchThis" action="/search" style="display:inline;" method="get"><input id="searchBox" name="q" type="text"/> <input id="searchButton" value="Go" type="submit"/></form>

This search box will look like this:

Here is an another code for a search box.
<p align="center"><form id="searchthis" action="/search" style="display:inline;" method="get"><input id="search-box" name="q" size="25" type="text"/><input id="search-btn" value="Search" type="submit"/></form></p>

It will look like this one:

I wish these search box will serve as your wish.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you very much. Excellent result. In your text at the top you should write:'This search box will enable you to search ...' and at the end: I hope this search box will serve your needs.
    With best regards


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