Windows button left to right on Ubuntu

Windows buttons are now on left side since Ubuntu 10.04. Some people do not like it. They have habit to click on close, minimize, maximize buttons on top right side of a opened window. But Ubuntu developers think in a different thing. They are going to add various item on top right side of a opened window. So they change position of that buttons to left side. Many of the computer user (Windows operating system user) feel easy to see them on top right side.

But, my thinking is different. I feel that it is a habitual thing. It took some days to grow a newer habit. Now I feel easy to the minimize, maximize, restore, close buttons on left side. I am facing an another type of problem. When I change the theme then window buttons position got changed and go to right side. I want to bring back them on left side.

Todays post is on this issue. Now we will learn how to change positon of windows buttons (close, minimize, maximize, restore) from right to left or left to right.

Here is the solution:
Press Alt+F2. A 'Run Application' dialogue box will open.
gconf-editor-run-dialaugebox.pnggconf editor run dialogue box
Type 'gconf-editor' on text area, Press Run.
configuration-editor-gconfconfiguration editor
After opening the 'Configuration Editor', directly go to 'apps > metacity > general'
Look at right side text/ configuration area.
Point to 'button_layout'
Double click on that text (button_layout). An 'Edit Key' dialogue will open.

edit-key dialogue boxEdit Key dialogue box
Change position of the buttons on 'Value' area and press OK. Before click OK, you can add a 'Menu' button on the windows area (If it is not exist in newer theme).

You've done. View effect on any opened window's title bar. 'Close, Minimize, Maximize' buttons has changed their position (as you wrote).

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