80 and more free ebooks download website

Here i am publishing some website's address which contain downloadable free e books. You can get all books completely free of charge. Some books are provided by publishers and some are by authors. Most of the sites share here do not require any registration or sign-up. You do not need to buy or linkback or refer anything to download or read or use ebooks. All books are freely distributed under public domain law (sometimes rights reserved). So do not feel hesitation to download e books from the sites below. Beside, these site there are plenty of sites which offer illegal electronic copy of books published recently.

First of all I remember the name of
01. http://www.gutenberg.org/browse/scores/top
A great library for classical literature, science, travel, expedition, exploration, history, politics, social science etc. are publishing online for more then 5 years. Various kind of ebook format and reading device format files availabe here to download. Many language books are uploaded here. Has a huge collection of audio book (sound file) and image file. Computer readable, human readable, online based, compressed or handleld device formated files are sharing here.

02. http://www.online-literature.com/author_index.php
This is a literature forum. But it has a huge collection of literature texts. This site offer 250 authors book freely online to read and download. They have nearly 3000 full books and almost 4000 short stories and poems. They also have quotations database, that has over 8500 quotes.

03. http://www.marxists.org/
A huge jiant library for Marxism. Read online books can be destribute as DVD all over the world. Specially on poor countries. Read online History or subject index. Found essential information on Marxists Encyclopedia.

Search Engine

04. http://www.pdf-search-engine.com/
PDF book search engine which search sites, forums, archive for pdf files.
05. http://www.pdfgeni.com/
Its a PDF search engine. But also search for sheets, forms and documents.
06. http://issuu.com/
Search and share online books.

Sharing site
07. http://www.snipfiles.com/
Another sharing site for freely distributed ebooks and software.
08. http://www.esnips.com/
File uploading and sharing site. A lot of collection of eboks.
09. http://www.e-booksdirectory.com/
File uploading and sharing site for e-books, documents, lectures, notes found on internet. Comment, upload or download cost free.
10. http://www.free-ebooks-canada.com/
PLR( Private Label Rights)and MRR (Master Resell Rights) are allowed to share any e-books here.
11. http://www.scribd.com/
Another online document sharing site. Sharing document is easy here. This site support pdf, xls, doc, ppt, pps, ps, txt, rtf, odt, odp, ods, odf, odg, sxw, sxi, sxd, tif, tiff, docs, ppts, ppsx, xlsx file formats. Download any of the files or share them embeded in your blog or webpage.
12. http://knowfree.net/
User exchange ebooks freely, They use this site for educational and self practice. Video training and pdf download free.
13. http://www.memoware.com/
Free ebooks for handheld devices, like PalmOS device, Pocket PC, Windows CE, EPOC, Symbian or other handheld device. Unique collection of d
documents like databases, literature, maps, technical references, lists, etc.

Other online ebooks libraries are listed below.

14. http://www.ebook3000.com/
Download free ebooks from 17 categories.
15. http://www.slideshare.net/
Presentation gallery. Shared by user, publicly and privately.
16. http://www.bookgoldmine.com/
Huge collection of e books, lectures, notes and many kinds of documents free.
17. http://www.ebooks-space.com/
Computer programming, language learning, software development, database design, it based pdf and chm files.
18. http://www.ufindbook.com/
200,000 PDF, CHM, HTML files free to download.
19. http://books-pdf.blogspot.com/
Computer IT, dot.net, 3d animation, ajax, ASP.NET, C, C++, Accounting, Algorithms, Database, AutoCAD book on pdf format.
20. http://www.pdfoo.com/
Popular pdf e-books downloadle by all of the world are free.
21. http://ebook.networkgood.com/
At least 22 categoires and 10,000 free e-books for download.
22. http://www.ebooksdownloadfree.com/
It said a biggest books sharing site that contains mostly on Computer books. ASP.NET, Javascript, Exchange server, Ajax, Java, photoshop, xml, ADO.NET, sharepoint and c#, C++ categorized in this large online library.
23. http://www.chmpdf.com/archives/ebooks/
Huge collection of chm and pdf formated of general interest and technical e-books. Download them all free.
24. http://www.ebook-x.com/
New release, popular, classical and more... free ebooks are added here for free download.
25. http://www.martview.com/
Martview is an eBook reader that is compatible with pdf file and mart file. With comfortable & clean layout to maximize your reading pleasure on computer. Experience the new concept of digital reading
26. http://ebookshare.net/
Magazine, programming, graphic design, networking, business and investing and the others titles are shared here as torrent format. That means easier, harmless, deffectless and faster downloading on slower internet connection.
27. http://www.filebook.net/
This site contain downloadable free eBooks in compressed  (zipped) format.
28. http://www.ebooksboard.com/
A portar for free eBooks download.
29. http://www.computer-books.us/
Huge collection of computer books, which are available for free download.
30. http://vebook.org/0-01a8edbf9d27cebe.htm
IT, business and multimedia ebooks.
Nice idea. Only 68 Linux related free e-books.
31. http://www.techbooksforfree.com/
Free technology ebooks.
32. http://www.wowio.com/
A passion for free mind and free books.
33. http://www.freeebooks.info/
Business, art, computing and education ebooks.
34. http://www.witguides.com/
Useful ebooks free to doanload and distribute.
35. http://www.freebookspot.com/
They have 71.97 GB storage capacity. It means 4485 titles in 96 categories. Scientific, Engineering, Programming, Fictions are their populer category.
Computer programming free e-books. .net, apache, ajax, actionscript all are supplied with a short description.
37. http://www.free-ebooks.net/
Online sharing point for authors. So, it is growing day by day. You may call it a resource for ebooks for free download.
38. http://manybooks.net/
Free downloadable ebooks for ipod, pda and ebook reader. 21,282 ebooks are waiting for download free.
39. http://www.getfreeebooks.com/
No registration is required for download ebooks from here. All books are legal to download, so all books are totally free to download.
40. http://freecomputerbooks.com/
Names says about itself. It is a free online book library for technical books, lecture, notes, tutorial. Computer programming and mathematics are main subject. Topics are categories in 12 top level and 150 sub categories.
41. http://www.freetechbooks.com/
Computer programming, engineering textbooks and lecture notes are legally and freely shared in this site. Documents, monogram, text other format ebooks are available here free.
42. http://www.globusz.com/
Their goal is to help authors build an essential profile, and to give their work global exposure. Readers can download eBooks FREE! Globusz is serious about helping authors reach readers and they won't charge for eBooks downloads. Actually it helps authors build a network of readers who can download the work free.
43. http://www.onlinefreeebooks.net/
Various kind of e-books on Automotive Ebooks, Business Ebooks, Engineering Ebooks, Gadget Ebooks, Hardware Ebooks, Health & Medical Ebooks, Hobbies Ebooks, Programming & Technology Ebooks, Sport & Martial Art Ebooks. Most of them are in pdf file and free to download.
44. http://www.onlinecomputerbooks.com/
Internet, online business, marketing, physics, maths, information technology, computer science ebooks provided by publishers and authors.
45. http://www.zillr.org/
Huge collection on technology ebooks. Categories are 3D, Ajax, All in One, ASP, Assembly, C# & C Sharp, C++ & CPP, Cisco, Database, Delphi, Dot Net and .net, Dreamweaver, eCommerce, Flash, Game, Graphics, Hardware, Java, Linux, Magazines, Miscellaneous, Mobile, Mobile Softwares, Network, News & Articles, Office, Oracle, Perl, PHP, S/W & Applications, SAP, Security, Software Development, Templates & Graphics, UML, Unix, Visual Basic, Web, Design, Web Development, Web Tutorials, Windows, Wireless, XML and more...
46. http://www.bookyards.com/
Education materials, information and documents are shared freely in this web portal.
47. http://digital.library.upenn.edu/books/
Listing over 1 million free books on the Web - Updated Wednesday, January 12, 2011
48. http://www.asksam.com/ebooks/
Literature, Legislative, Legal & Judicial, Government Reports, Political, Resources & Other eBooks are free to download and share.
49. http://www.baen.com/library/
Unique collection of science fiction novels.
50. http://www.ebooklobby.com/
Ebooks are divided into different categories. Categorys range from business, art, computing and education. In this moment (january 13, 2011) it has books on Arts & Photography (40 ebooks), Biographies & Memoirs (76 ebooks),    Business & Investing (37 ebooks), Children's Books (19 ebooks) -Free Children's Books,free child ebook,child download ebook free, Computers & Internet (147 ebooks), Cooking, Food & Wine (18 ebooks), Entertainment (19 ebooks), Health Mind & Body (35 ebooks), Home & Garden (5 ebooks), Law (37 ebooks),     Literature And Fiction (15 ebooks), Sports (6 ebooks), Travel (17 ebooks).
Top 10 most viewed books are: Free C Language ebook, Java Swing, A Manual Of Photography, Hibernate in Action, AJAX in Action, Free Thinking in c ebook, Thinking In Java, 1000 Java Tips, Java Servlets And Jsp, jfreechart tutorial
51. http://www.planetpdf.com
PDF ebooks small collection on classic novels.
52. http://www.dailylit.com/
Online book reading. Daily email and Rss feed support.
53. http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Main_Page
Educational textbooks edited and shared by Wikimedia community.
54. http://dwalin.ru/books/
Text formated free novels.
55. http://www.adobe.com/epaper/ebooks/freebooks.html 
Adobe’s Free eBooks section. Download them freely.
56. http://www.c3f.com/alivfree.html
A page of ebook links to recent books of living authors available free online.
57. http://www.franklin.com/freelibrary/
Online library of free titles. Which are available in text and HTML file formats.
58. http://www.readeasily.com/
An online e-book library providing an adaptive reading experience!
59. http://pdfbooks.co.za/
This site offers around 4,700 downloadable public domain free e-books.
60. http://www.witguides.com/
Online source for a vast range of useful e-books that are completely free.
61. http://www.diesel-ebooks.com/cgi-bin/category/free_download
Microsoft Reader and Mobipocket formatted ebooks.
62. http://freeebookminers.com/
Freelly available eBooks for education, research or amusement.
63. http://www.planetebook.com/
Classic literature ebook to download and share.
64. http://e-library.net/free-ebook.htm
Plenty of ebooks available for download free.
65. http://www.getfreeebooks.com/
Categories are listed as Arts and Drawing, Business, children, Computers and Internet, Do It Yourself Ebook, Library Ebook, News, Education, electronics, Extraterrestrial, Family and Kids, fantasy, Festival and Celebration, Fiction, Food and Health, Health and Fitness, History, Hobbies and Interest, Holidays, Horror, Fiction, Humour, internet, Internet Marketing, Mammoth Ebook, Updates Money and Finance, Non Fiction, novel, People and Relationships, Personal Development, Poetry, Religion, romance, Science, Science Fiction, Self Help, short stories, Spirituality, sports, success, Traveling, Web Design, working world, Writing, Young Adult

66. http://freepdfbookdownload.com/
Categories are: ADO.Net (5), ASP.NET (14), C++ (9), Career Guide (1), Chemical Engineering (28), Chemistry (21), Civil Engineering (92), Computer Science (74), Computers (13), Cooking (29), Database (44), Electrical Engineering (367), Electronics (14), Encyclopedia (10), Engineering (3), Fiction (1), Game Developer (2), Games (1), Graphics (41),Hardware (19), ealthcare (52), Internet Marketing (8), Java (117), Java Tutorial (3), avaScript (1), Kids (8), Management (94), Manual (1), Marine  Engineering (32), Mathematics (54), Mechanical Engineering (163), Medicine (178), Midwife (1), Millionaire (1), Mobile Developer (20), MSSQL Server (26), Multimedia Tutorial (1), MYSQL Server (27), NET Framework (3), Networks (178), Nursing (3),  Oracle (24), PERL Tutorial (1), Personal Development (9), Physics (85), Pocket Book (2), Programming (190), Resume and Interview (4), SEO (7), Sex (1), System Security (44),  Telecommunication (5), VB Tutorial (1), VB.Net (26), Visual Basic 2008 (6), Visual C# (12), Visual Studio (7), Web Developer (47), XML (3)
67. http://www.free-ebooks.net
It offer Html, pdf, txt, mobipocket, epub, Kindle, Sony Reader, iPad etc. various kind of format. You have to register here to download any ebook.
68. http://freedownloadmax.com/
This site offer Japanese books and magazine free to download.
69. http://www.freebookspot.me/
This site offer various kind of book, but they don't upload any file. They just share uploaded files link.
70. http://storemags.com/
Latest Magazines Download in PDF for iPad/PC
Categories are Adult magazines, Architecture magazines, Arts magazines,  Arts & Photography magazines, Audio magazines, Aviation magazines,  Babes magazines, Baby magazines, Bikes magazines, Boating magazines to  Outdoors magazinesParenting & Family magazines, Photography magazines, Politics magazines, Recreation magazines, Science magazines, Science & Nature magazines, Sports magazines, Sports & Recreation magazines, Style magazines, Technology magazines, Teens magazines, Travel magazines,  Women's Interest magazines
71. http://www.ebook3000.com/
Downloadable free ebooks on Architecture. Animals related. Artbooks. Audiobooks. Biographies. Business. Cooking and Diets. Cultures / Languages
. Database. Graphic Design. Hardware. Internet. Microsoft. Web Development. Poetry. Programming. Software. Engineering Technology. Magazine. Novel. Study. Sports. Security related. Science. Politics, Sociology. Personality. Music. Mobile eBooks Readers. History / Military. Games, Encyclopedia, Dictionary, Travel Guides, Theology and Occultism.
This site share external link of uploaded file.
72. http://bookboon.com/ ,
This site contain free ebooks for students and travelers in PDF format.
73. http://free-ebook-download-links.blogspot.com/
Free by authors and publisher. Various format
74. http://drebooks.blogspot.com/
Medical books for students and doctors
75. http://www.ebookshare.net/
Shared Ebooks in torrent format.
76. http://www.openculture.com/freeaudiobooks
Download hundreds of free audio books, mostly classics, to your mp3 player or computer. This site contain great works of fiction, non-fiction and poetry.
77. http://www.freebooks4doctors.com/
Free medical textbooks is available online, in full-text. The unrestricted access to scientific knowledge will have a major impact on medical practice.
78. http://www.tryharlequin.com/
Tomantic books for download free.
79. http://fullcirclemagazine.org/
A great and famous pdf ebook for Ubuntu Linux related topic. Published regularly on every month.
80. http://pclosmag.com/index.php
Another linux pdf free magazine published from famous linux "PCLINUXOS".

Want to download banned books?

This site offer some banned books to read online. Range from Ulysses to Little Red Riding Hood.

Online books about religion, mythology, folklore and the esoteric on the Internet. The site is dedicated to religious tolerance and scholarship, and has the largest readership of any similar site on the web.

Looking for any illegal copy of recently published books. I don't like to share them publicly, It is a moral issue though I add some of them. I suggest you to go to the famous "The Pirates Bay" or search the title name in any search engine. Adding writers name will give you more perfect result.


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