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Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook is not start in desktop hardware

Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook is not start in desktop hardwareI was going to run Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook edition in my desktop machine with VirtualBox OSE. But when the starting process reached at the last stage, it stopped and showing a dialogue box. It says:
No required driver detected for unity.
You will need to choose the Ubuntu Desktop session once you select your user name.
If you are on Ubuntu live CD, the username is "ubuntu" and you have to enter a blank password.
I clicked OK then running process force me back to a session/user chooser page that mean in login screen. The dialogue box told that "No required driver detected for unity". That mean it is a hardware issue. 'Unity desktop environment' needs Netbook related hardware to work properly.

I am very sorry that can't view the beauty of Netbook edition. Older Ubuntu Netbook editions had no problem in this way. They start normally in my desktop machine with VirtualBox OSE. I just want to know if I can't take a look into this newly published operating system then how do I choose it?
* I have not any Netbook. I just trying to test UNR.


  1. Captain Beefy10/12/10, 7:26 PM

    Yep it sucks - I was looking forward to Ubuntu Unity also. A big error on their part. Not that the Ubuntu clan don't do an amazing job, just that I'm sad I can't play :(

  2. I think Unity is made only for Intel Atom processor as like 'Moblin'. But Moblin runs normally in my machine.

    Thanks for comment.


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