Add This week download amount on Conky

You may able to install the 'Sexy Conky on your Ubuntu or Mint Machine' successfully. Today I am giving you an another code of snippet which can tell you some more information. You can add it on any linux distribution like Ubuntu, Linux Mint, SUSE, AntiX or any-other. With this simple code, you will get running week's internet-uses amount. This code will display current week's full download and upload amount instantly. Here see the snapshot.
this week download upload conky infoI Downloaded 2.97 GB and uploaded 175 MB in this week.
To get this function enabled, add some code below on your .conkyrc file. You can found the .conkyrc file on 'Home' folder.
Open the .conkyrc file with a text editor like 'gedit' or 'leafpad'.
Add the code below in a suitable place
${goto 6}${font size=14}${color 75D1FF}This Week ${color}${font}
${font VariShapes Solid:size=10}Q${font}${color ffffff}Down Loaded:${color ffffff}${alignr}${execi 300 vnstat -w | grep "current week" | awk '{print $3 $4}'}
${font VariShapes Solid:size=10}q${font}${color ffffff}Up Loaded:${color ffffff}${alignr}${execi 300 vnstat -w | grep "current week" | awk '{print $6 $7}'}
And save the conkyrc file. The change will take on effect instantly. ENJOY!!

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