GL Screensavers for linux os

I have published a post on "Screensavers in Linux Operating System". Today I am giving you some more screen saver which are called GL Screensaver.

XScreenSaver and GL(Mesa) xscreensavers are actually a modular screen saver and locker for X11, both are containing more than 200 screen savers.

XScreenSaver package contains a small selection of 3D (OpenGL) screen saver modules from the xscreensaver collection.

GL screensavers  package contains the rest of the 3D (OpenGL) screen saver modules from the xscreensaver collection. This package is used
by both xscreensaver and gnome-screensaver. And this package could be down-loadable in almost every linux distribution's software manager.


blocktube gl screen saver bodhi linux peppermint ubuntu linuxmint

boing gl screensaver linuxmint bodhilinux ubuntu peppermint
boing gl screensaver

boxed screensaver gl bodhi linux peppermint os ubuntu linuxmint
boxed screensave

bubble3d gl screen saver ubuntu bodhi linux peppermint os linuxmint
bubble 3d

cubenetic screen saver ubuntu linuxmint peppermint bodhilinux

dangerball gl screen saver ubuntu bodhilinux linuxmint peppermint
dangerball gl screen saver

engine gl screen saver bodhi linux peppermint linuxmint ubuntu



glipflop gl xscreensaver ubuntu bodhilinux peppermint os linuxmint

antinspect ubuntu bodhilinux peppermint os linuxmint gl screensaver
hypertorus gl screensaver ubuntu bodhilinux peppermint os linuxmint
According to xscreensavers description this is the set of GL screensavers. This package include antinspect, gleidescope, glknots, atunnel, blinkbox, bubble3d, circuit, cubestorm, glsnake, jigglypuff, lavalite, lockward, mirrorblog, moebius, boebiusgears, molecule, morph3d, pipes, polyhedra, polytopes, pulsar, queens, sierpinski3d, spheremonics, stonerview,superquadrics, topblock, voronoi endgame, engine, flipflop, flipscreen3d, flurry, flyingtoasters, gears, gflux, antmaze, atlantis, blocktube, boing, bouncingcow, boxed, cage, carousel, crackberg, cube21, cubenetic, dangerball, extrusion, fliptext, glforestfire, glhanoi, glplanet, juggler3d, klein, lament, menger, noof, pinion, providence, rubik, sballs, sproingies, staris, starwars, tangram, timetunnel, companioncube, hilbert, tronbit.

More display modes can be found in the xscreensaver-data, xscreensaver-data-extra and xscreensaver-gl packages.

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