Screen Saver in Linux

We may not know that there is a huge collection of screen saver available for Linux. Most of them are colorful, attractive and aesthetically beautiful. It's name is 'xscreensaver'.

This jaigantic collection could be used in any Linux distribution. All Linux variants could download this bunch with their corresponding software or application download center.

Debian based Linux distributions like Ubuntu, Linuxmint, Peppermint, Bodhilinux, AntiX, LXLE etc. could download it via 'Synaptic Package Manager'. Other Linux users could found it in 'YaST Software Management' or their own 'Software Center' or 'Package installation Center'.

xscreen saver and its screensavers packages in synaptic package manager

What they have?

According to supplied information XScreenSaver is a modular screen saver and locker for X11 desktop. This package has capability to only blank and lock computer's screen. But this screen saver could contain more than 200 screen savers with some extra download.

Install 'xscreensaver-data' to get two non-GL screensavers 'Fiberlamp' and 'Fuzzyflakes'.

Fiberlamp xscreen saver
Fuzzyflakes screensaver
Install "xscreensaver-data-extra" to get more screen savers. This package include a set of non-GL screensavers ant, anemone, anemotaxis, apollonian, apple2, attraction, barcode, blaster, blitspin, bouboule, boxfit, braid, bsod, bubbles, bumps, ccurve, celtic, cloudlife, compass, coral, critical, crystal, cynosure, deco, decayscreen, deluxe, demon, discrete, distort, drift, epicycle, eruption, euler2d, fadeplot, fireworkx, flag, flame, flow, fluidballs, fontglide, forest, galaxy, goop, grav, greynetic, halftone, halo, helix, hopalong, hyperball, hypercube, ifs, imsmap, interaggregate, interference, intermomentary, jigsqw, juggle, julia, memscroller, metaballs, mismunch, moire, moire2, mountain, munch, nerverot, noseguy, pacman, pedal, penrose, penetrate, petry, phosphor, piecewise, polyominoes, pong, pyro, qiz, rd-bomb, rocks, rorschach, rotor, rotzoomer, ripples, shadebobs, slidescreen, sonar, sierpinski, slip, speedmine, sphere, spiral, spotlight, squiral, starfish, strange, substrate, swirl, t3d, thornbird, triangle, truchet, twang, vermiculate, vidwhacker, vines, wander, whirlwindwarp, whirlygig, worm, wormhole, xanalogtv, xflame, xjack, xmatrix, xrayswarm, xspirograph and zoom.

I am going to show some of them with this xscreensaver image/photo/screenshot gallery below.

All of them use less resulution of text, animation and images, so you could use these screensavers with light distros.

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  1. richard taku11/13/17, 6:21 PM

    WoW! Great works linux community has done. I must try linux as soon as possible. Thanks for the sharing a informative good post.


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