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4 Megabyte OS Kolibri

Kolibri Clock
Binary and analog clock can be use in desktop
It is a surprising things that it's size is only 4 MB that is 4 megabyte. Only 4 MB. I did not believe it first. But after downloading I found that it is not just a simple thing but also it has some powerful feature.

Yes, I am talking about “Kolibri” OS. It has a graphical user interface and many games and a lot of tools and softwares to do miscellaneous jobs.

Kolibri OS Desktop
Kolibri OS Desktop
Kolibri is the smallest GUI operating system in the world. It is also open source. So anybody can change modify and add more feature in this system administrator.
Kolibri filemanager
Norton commander like file manager

Kolibri file manager Another file manager of Kolibri

What is the specialty of Kolibri?
The kernel of this OS has a speciality. It is monolithic preemptive kernel. This monolithic kernel is quite different than regular kernel. Main operating system run in kernel space on supervisor mode. The main differences withing other kernel is on 'system call'. It made a high lavel virtual interface to do personal jobs (Process management, memory management etc.) of OS. So OS runs of low configuration machine well.

Preemptivity is an interrupting system. In this system when more then on process start on machine, a context swing get start to work. It stop an active process and start other. This works on priority. That means there is no any dual process on the same time. Process start one by one. We will not understand the interval time between each process. Because our processors are very high speed. They can handle each process at same time in a high speed that man can not understand the difference. Context swing use processors high speed to perform every work that we thought that Kobri os support multitasking. But actually it don't do that.
CD Player in Kolibri
CD Player in Kolibri system
Kolibri follow these two steps to perform. It can run on older PC for it's monolithic kernel and it use preemptive so we imagine it as multitasking.
Kolibri text editor 'Tinypad'
You can use Floppy disk or optical disk to boot Koribri OS. Even anybody can use a virtual machine to test it's flavor.

Do not ignore it if you think about it's small size. There are plenty of application in this tiny OS.

DX box like game 'Arcanoid'
Kolibri 'calculator'
Tetris on Kolibri OS

There are more than 12 game in this little OS. Have calculator, text editor, painting program, programming tools, CD player, media player, e-mail client, http claent etc. Actually we can learn about a basic operating system playing with this cute little Kolibri Operating System.

Some info:
Need only 8 MB RAM to run.
You can take it on 1.44 MB floppy disk.
Able to boot from various kind of media.
GUI= Graphical user interface.
It support Preemptive multitasking and parallel execution.
File system: Fat 12, Fat 16, Fat 32, NTFS, ext2, ext3, CDFS
Have AC'97 audio codex for all kind of chipset.

Download this easy peecy Linux based distro from


  1. Good review! But there are several inaccuracies. Kolibri is not based on Linux, it has its own kernel (approximately 100 kb). There is a version of the system, which is 1.4 mb (that is placed on a floppy disk such as Free DOS).

  2. KolibriOS is NOT a Linux!
    Its kernel is entirely written in x86 Assembler and has some unique features unimaginable in other OSes.

  3. Thanks for sharing the knowledge. Just visited Kolibri blog. But can't understand language.

    I always like alternative of windows. I like open source too. I wish success of kolibri os.

  4. KolibriOS forked from MenuetOS in 2006(?). It's entirely written in Assembler, is very fast, and is very useful for data recovery. I also used it to hack a Linux install to pieces one day, just for a laugh!!!


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