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What is my IP address?

Today I am trying to know my IP address. IP stands for "Internet Protocol". My internet service provider give me dynamic ip address everytime when I connect to internet. There is no option to get any static ip address. I know that it changes everytime I press connect button. I tried to know my current IP address. But failed. Yes. I am failed to know my correct IP address. I know you won't believe me. You will say that there are many many website who shows vosotprs ip address if I just visit them. So why don't I get any answer of this simple question.

what is my ip internet protocol address.comThis is result of

what is my ip address .organd this is result of

Wait friend, I am explaining. Look at the two pictures I uploaded above. Both results say two type of answer. Those picture was taken tomorrow. I am giving you todays result below.
  • First result from It says that my ip address is ***.**.7.115
  • Second result from It says that my ip is ***.**.7.178
  • Third result from It shows that my ip address is ***.**.7.178
  • Fourth result from It says that my IP Address is ***.**.7.17
  • Fifth result from It says that my ip address is ***.**.7.146
Besides five results, only two of them shows same result. Other three webtool shows different result from each other. I am confused. What is my real ip address in this moment? I don't know, how can I know that?

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