Why do I test newly published Operating system?

I don't know if you ask it anytime or not. But I like to ask it. So I search and surf through internet and make a look on newly released operating system. Most of the time I got newly information about Linux distribution. Updated Linux distributions release regularly on the whole year. Newly optimized, redesigned, recoded, rewrite or edited, discovered, furnished, flavored Linux distributions published simultaneously. Sometimes it is got difficult for me to stay updated about new operating system. You know I like cooking, so, I know the value of testing. Testing a new operating system is really exiting and intellectual activity. I like to think that it is my hobby. I am not programmer, not a coder, nor a hacker. Even I am poor in English language. But, I like to know this intellectual performance made by man. I know I am not a producer, I am just a user only.

I think supporting on Open Source activity is a moral issue. Their philosophy like to help people. Not want to earn money. This is very good opinion. I think I should support it. So, I start to use Linux. Linux bring me freedom on customizing and gain usability. I got many valuable applications and tools on absolutely free of cost. This is really imaging. Hard to believe. But it is true. I fall in love to Linux (Open source OS and Applications). I want to know more and more about new Linux. I feel thirst to drink new Linux news. So, I go/ visit here and there, from this Linux blog/ website to another Linux/ open source website/ blog. Look for new news, release, apps. I like to feel my head with Linux and more Linux.

So, I always like to download newly published Linux distribution and run it on Virtual Machine. Try to observe it, ride it, discover it.

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  1. Have a look on http://distrowatch.com/ : you'll have plenty of Linux and BSD distributions to look at ! :)


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