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GnoMenu: Alternative to default Ubuntu mainmenu

This post is for those who came to Ubuntu from Windows environment. An ex windows user firstly search for a menubar at bottom left corner. They can not find andy 'Start' like button their in Ubuntu. If a new Ubuntu user failed to get 'Start' button, s/he caught by frustration and start to tell that 'ubuntu is hard to understand', 'it is not better' etc. Here is a solution for that kind of computer user.
GnoMenu: alternative mainmenu on Ubuntu
GnoMenu: alternative mainmenu on Ubuntu
If a new linux user start with Linux mint of Peppermint or Puppy linux, s/he may not fall in this kind of problem. If s/he come to Ubuntu first then this kind of problem rise. Here is a bottom-left button like menu for ubuntu linux. Setting up/ installation of this 'Gno-menu' is very easy. Lets try..... and explore...

First of all, download a GnoMenu tarball file from this link. or add ppa link (ppa:gnomenu-team/ppa ) in your system. We will install it in our system now.

Now extract or unzip 'gnomenu-2.9.tar.gz' file at desktop. Now run the command below at 'Terminal'
cd Desktop/gnomenu

Now, you will enter at that extracted 'gnomenu' folder. Now, again run the command below at terminal.
sudo make install
enter root password and click on 'Enter'. You have done. GnoMenu installed succesfully on your Ubuntu system.

How to Add it in bottom panel.
add gnomenu to bottom panel
adding gnomenu to bottom panel

Right click on bottom panel. Click to 'Add to Panel'. Select 'GnoMenu' and click on 'Add'. Now move it on the very left corner of bottom panel.

Customising of this lovely and attractive menu is very easy. Right click on the left corner button and click on 'Properties'. An window will appear instantly. Look at the images below. Chaning theme and icons are just 2 or 3 click away.

GnoMenu icons theme
GnoMenu icons themes

GnoMenu theme selection
GnoMenu theme selection is very easy

After selecting a new theme or icon click on 'OK', restart GnoMenu. It will not waste your valuable time for the name of restarting the whole system.

I had use this menu for many days. A new young user must satisfy with this modern, featurerich Ubuntu mainmenu.

I know that it works on Jaunty, Karmic, Lucid, Maverick Ubuntu without any hassle.

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