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Install LXDE into Ubuntu

I have install LXDE on Ubuntu 10.10. LXDE stands for 'Lightweight X Desktop Environment. This desktop environment is faster then Gnome and KDE desktop. It can run on older machines or on low end/ older hardware based computer. It has many difference then other desktop. Very speedy. Although development is on going process, many operating system publish their releases using LXDE. I use Lubuntu and Peppermint os many times and fall in love. Day by day this little desktop environment grub attention of many distro.

If you tended to test LXDE then know some little information first.
  • At least 47 new packages need to download.
  • It will take only 14.7 MB to download.
  • When you install, it will take 43.7 MB of extra space.
LXDE on Ubuntu DesktopLXDE Desktop.

If you really like to try LXDE. Then use Synaptic Package Manager or Ubuntu Software Center. Run any of them and search with keyword "LXDE". Select all dependencies to download. Your new lightweight desktop environment depends on these dependencies to work properly.

lxde available on ubuntu synaptic package manager lxde available on ubuntu synaptic package manager. You can install it from here.

Install Lxde using ubuntu software centerYou can install Lxde using ubuntu software center. I use synaptic to install. After completing install, I feel some curious to check ubuntu software center. I discovered that I did not install 'Task Manager'. So I install this application from USC.

install lxde task manager later from ubuntuI install LXDE task manager later from ubuntu. This is very easy now.
After completing download and install logout your computer and sellect LXDE session from the popup menu on bottom bar.

When I get a first jump on LXDE, I really surprise to see a huge number of software installed. Then I realise that Gnome desktop applications are available on this session too.

For full information visit Lxde website for updates.

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