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Sexy Conky on your Ubuntu or Mint Machine

sexy conky on ubuntu linuxmint peppermint osI know you have much knowledge about 'Conky'. It is a really very sexy, attractive, prity, essential desktop tool for every curious computer user.

See the image I upload above. A list of information is displaying on the wall of desktop. It is not any kind of floating window.

To get my design you must follow my instruction below.

copy past this command at terminal
sudo apt-get install conky-all curl hddtemp lm-sensors python-statgrab
This will install a sensor for watching hard disk drive tempateture.

Now enter both lines below in terminatl and hit enter
$ sudo chmod u+s /usr/sbin/hddtemp
$ sudo sensors-detect
As a result you need to select 'Yes' everytime.
configur hard disk temperatureNow download "92328-conky_colors.tar.gz" (Source file) file from (or get it from my collection, but original source is better for updated information). Now put the newest downloaded conky colors.tar.gz file on desktop and enter the following commands.
$ tar -xvzf 92328-conky_colors.tar.gz
$ cd conky_colors
$ make
$ make install
Now this iconpack will install successfully.

It is time to configure a little. just download this text file from this link and copy all data inside it and paste them on the file named .conky on the home folder.

This method will work on all newer ubuntu version. That means it will work on Ubuntu 10.04 and Ubuntu 10.10 both of them.

How to run conky:

First method:Just type 'conky' on terminal. It will start instantly.
Second method: Press 'Alt+F2'. Type 'conky' and hit enter.
Third method: Create an launcher on 'Startup Applications' at 'System>Preferences>Startup Applications'. Adding a customise launcher will start it automatically every times when system start.

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