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conky preview on my desktopI have told you about conky before. My last post about conky is: Sexy Conky on your Ubuntu or Mint Machine. Today I am sharing a 'conkyrc' file. Look at the image above. Click on it to get larger image. If you wish to get a conky as like the picture, then download that 'conkyrc' file from the link below and put this '.conkyrc' file on your home folder, conky will look like it.

List of the information I regularly collect from my machine, with the help of "conky" with the use of this rc file.
  • System Name
  • Uses of: CPU1, CPU2, Physical Memory, Disk, Swap
  • Hard disk temperature.
  • Processes:
  • Highest uses, CPU or RAM
  • Disks info about Root and Home folder
  • Uptime: How long this machine is running
  • Network Status
  • Upspeed, Downspeed, Uploaded, Downloaded
  • Local IP and Public IP
  • Time and date
  • Hard disk drives info
I wish you will be happy as like me with this lovely informative conky. Download the conkyrc file. (File size: 2 KB). Extract the zip folder. Put the .conkyrc file on your home folder and type 'conky' at terminal. Conky will run now.

Download the conkyrc file. File size: 2 KB.

To know how to setup a informative conky for your Ubuntu machine, please visit this webpage link.

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