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antiX OS configuration and using

After using antiX os for several days I am focusing on some problems which need a little attention of developers. I think if they add or fix this things on next version told here, these customising will increase antiX operating systems user number more.

I have tried to do some customisation. but failed. I am not a software hungry techie geek. I just need to do some essential job. I am telling them one by one.
  • 1. Connecting internet: I am a user of GPRS. I use it with Nokia e51 mobile phone. This gadget works fine as a broadband mobile device on Ubuntu, Peppermint os and Puppy linux. I have not click much to connecting internet. I don't going to tell about other os, I want to know solutions which occurs on 'antiX-M8.5'
    • a) Thank developers for both 'usb-modeswitch' and 'wvdial' installed. I edit wvdial.conf with leafpad. But 'gppp' have cannot connect. I wrote 'wvdial' on regular terminal but it said that ….. (Stay with me, I will tell it details on next post). I have to run 'wvdial' on 'root terminal' to connect every time I tried to connect. Is it normal to run 'root terminal' every time when I wish to connect internet?
    • b) After connecting internet I found that there is no any monitoring tool or application. So I think developers should add a 'network traffic monitoring tool' and or a 'network status monitor'. Puppy linux has this kind of applet on right bottom panel named 'blinky'.
  • 2. Foreign Language: I wrote my own language using either SCIM or ibus input method system. None of them are installed on antix-m8.5. This is not fair. Developers should add SCIM or ibus on next versions. I see 'ibus' installed on 'synaptic package manager'. But don't work on any text editor. I did not found 'ibus' on 'Input Methods' on any text editor. I tried to start ibus or SCIM right clicking on text editors body.
  • 3. A little portion of Help file should reviewed again: I tried to get some help from help file but failed. Because I can not follow some suggestions written on ANTIX > Help > antiX > antiX FAQ
  • It's on 'IceWM: Basic Customization' section. This section answer some common popular customization. I also tried to use the most used functions, but failed.
  • changing timeformat of bottom panel
  • *I like to change 'timeformat' on right side of bottom panel. I got a tricks from default FAQ page.. It said:
  • Change to a 12- hr clock: click on Search on the menu bar, and enter 'timeformat'
  • I just sorry to say that I have not found any 'Search' on Main Menubar. I found 'Run' and tried that command on it. But given command don't work.
  • I also found "Search for Files or Folders" and "Searchmonkey" at 'Accessories' submenu (Get more menu entry snapshots from antiX linux operating system snapshot gallery). But they didn't found 'timeformat' for me.
  • 4. Adding Links: It is a customisation of 'icewm'. I don't know how to add a customized link on bottom panel or mainmenu.
  • 5. Customising 'Bottom Panel': I want to remove some link and add some more link on bottom panel. But no way. I don't know if it is weakness of 'icewm' or not.
  • 6. .deb file installation: This is a Debian based distribution. But *.deb files can not be installed by double click. If .debs don't allowed or not support then what kind of Debian based distro is it?
  • 7. Control Center: It has only one link on quick link area of bottom panel. I have not found it anywhere. I like to add a link of 'Control Center' in 'Applications' menu and remove the bottom link. I don't use control center simultaneously . So, I do not want to add it in front of my eye (easy looking area). After thinking and writing these lines I have found 'Control Center', but it named 'antiXCC'. Hard to understand that short form.
  • 8. Conky text colour: Look at the image below. Can you understand any text written here. I guess you can't. It's ok, cause colour of conky text are so fade that it takes some more moments and concentration to understand. I don't know what is the reason to make texts pal. You may get a nice looking and huge informative '.conkyrc' file from the post "Download a 'conkyrc' file". Replace '.conkyrc' file found on home folder with downloaded .conkyrc file. Now on/off conky several time from Menu >Desktop> Settings> Conky on/off. You will see the changes instantly. You may read this post to get an feature rich conky for your desktop.
  • 9. Offline Dictionary: I like to install a offline Dictionary like 'Gnome dictionary' (You may read 'Offline Dictionaries for Ubuntu'). Is it possible to get a one? If not, I suggest antix-m8.5 developers to add a offline dictionary on next release.
  • 10. Reshuffling Menu Links: Menu items should reshuffle again. Some application are stayed here and there simultaneously. They should rearrange as by subject or by job or favourite or most used category.
  • 11. There is no any 'Safely remove drive' type command on pcmanfm. What does it mean? Are usb drives do not require safely remove at pcman file manager? Is it a feature or a weakness?
I am not a geeky linux user. I am a member of usual linux user. I am facing these problem. So I am writing from my own view.


  1. Why not post it in the antix forum.

  2. Thank you 'paul'. I have not post it on antix forum, because I failed to register there. Forum think me as a spammer. So I return back from there. I also read antix forum regularly.


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