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antiX linux operating system snapshot gallery

I download antiX m8.5 and testing. 'antiX OS' Installed Succesfully on my machine. After using it for some days, I think, now I can publish a post titled antiX Linux review from my view. Here I am publishing menu entries on antiX operating system. I think this "antiX snapshot gallery" will help new linux user to explore a different one.

antiX Linux OS Boot Menu
antiX os boot menu
antiX Boot Menu. Themed Personality Marek Edelman. Select options for load live or extra functions. This is accessories menu.  A lot of essential applications added in this list.

antiX linux m8.5 Accessories menu
antiX accessories menu
You can go here directly through Main Menu> Applications >Accessories
  • 2 Jotter
  • Root Terminal
  • Leafpad
  • Search for Files or Folders
  • PCMan File Manager
  • ROX-Filer
  • ROXTerm
  • Searchmonkey
  • XArchive Manager
  • Zim Desktop Wiki
  • metapackage-installer
antiX linux operating system graphics menu
antiX Operating System Graphics menu
  • apvlv
  • Gcolor2
  • Geeqie
  • Gtkam Digital Camera Browser
  • qv
  • mtPaing graphic editor
  • Screenshot
  • UFRaw
  • XSane image scanning program

antiX Linux Help menu
antiX Linux Help menu
Only two pages have offline access. Rest of links are require online to get help.

mplayer as media player on antiX Operating system
antiX os Media player mplayer
antiX added this powerful feature rich media player. It can play almost everything an usual user test.
Multimedia menu on antiX linux
antix os Multimedia menu
  • Asunder CD Ripper
  • Cheese
  • gamix
  • Goggles Music Manager
  • GNOME Player
  • GnomeBaker CD/DVD Writer
  • gxine
  • imagination
  • mhWaveEdit
  • MPlayer Media Player
  • Ncmpcpp
  • Recorder
  • streamtuner
  • WinFF
  • xmms

antiX linux operating systems network menu
antiX linux os Network applications on menu
  • Ceni
  • Chatzilla
  • Dillo
  • gFTP
  • Iceape Mail Composer
  • Iceape Mail & Newsgroups
  • Iceape navigator
  • Iceape Suite
  • Pidgin internet Messenger
  • RutilT WLAN Manager
  • Smbc
  • Transmission
  • umtsmon
  • Wicd Network Manager

Office applications menu on antiX Linux operating system
Office menu on antiX linux
  • Calculator
  • AbiWord
  • ePDFViewer
  • Gnumeric
  • Iceape Address Book
  • Osmo
  • Phonebook

antiX os System tools menu
System tools menu on antiX m8.5
System Tools
  • Grsync
  • System Profiler and Benchmark
  • Htop
  • luckyBackup (super user)
  • Manage Print jobs
  • PCMan File Manager
  • ROX-Filer
  • GParted
  • Multiple screens
  • ADSL/PPPOE configuration
  • RutiT WLAN Manager
  • Synaptic Package Manager
  • Printing

antiX default help and faq page
antiX default help and faq page

antiX defaul help and faq page. Lots of information on antiX, Mepis, icewm and rox. Have some tutorials on customizing. But have not work for me. I am going to publish an another post on it.
default conky color on antix os desktop
Default conky color on antiX m8.5 linux os
I don't like default conky color. So much fade that I can't see some information. To change color theme please read Sexy Conky on your Ubuntu or Mint Machine. Or you can Download a 'conkyrc' file from this post. You should replace .conkyrc file on home folder.

I will publish more posts on antiX operating system. Follow me on Twitter to update instantly.

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