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Things after Ubuntu 10.10 install

I am just installed Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat) on my machine. Installation process takes only 8 minutes to complete. You may check "Ubuntu 10.10 installation guide and gallery" to fly through the process. I am really impressed. It is really fast, I mean fastest operating system. Looks very smart. Icons has changed on many place. But after install I did not found some necessary application.
  • A handy internet traffic monitor Netspeed is not available on 'Synaptic package manager' or 'Ubuntu Software Center'.
  • My Nokia E50 Mobile device is not detect so fast as 10.04 or older. It takes a long time to detect it. Even after a long wait, when it found my mobile phone it did not start 'Mobile broadband connection wizard' automatically. I need to click network icon several times and I succeed.
I run 'sudo apt-get update' in terminal. My system is updating on background. ubuntu system updatingAfter completing update I will install 'conky' at first.Then I will install Ubuntu restricted extras. It will install some commonly used applications with restricted copyright. So after install this package will enable ability to play mp3, avi, mpeg, trutype, Java, Flash etc.

I will install Unrar to open rar files in Ubuntu Linux.
I like to install Lugaru and World of Goo, the best physics based puzzle game I ever played. I will install 'Leafpad'. It is my favourite application to write some text. As I know that is going to die within short time, then I must use 'Libre Office'. So I will install Libre office on my Ubuntu machine. Oh yes, I will install safely remove USB device applet. and Oh yes... there are various kind of beautiful wallpaper available now on desktop background. In this Ubuntu version they added two auto scroll wallpaper set. This can change wallpaper automaticaly.

I will tell you later about Ubuntu 10.10 more. Until then today I want to stop. Thanks for being with me.

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