iBus input method missing in Peppermint Solved

I have published a post iBus problem in Peppermint OS. I am having problem to write in foreign language. After searching for days I found the root of problem and discover the solution by myself. At first when I tried to select an 'input method system' I saw that there is no any input method system in menu on iBus preferences. I found that the cause of this problem is 'ibus-m17n' is not installed on my computer. I was not sure if iBus is installed default or not. Suddenly I found ibus is on Preferences menu and trying to using it. I understand that my system gets a update. In that time it may installed by system itself. But did not install any m17n data. This is the problem. To get the input method system I must install m17n data in my computer.

I search 'iBus' in 'synaptic package manager' and get a huge number of packages to download. You may get confused which files you should download to write in foreign language. Look at these three screen-shots below.
ibus search result in synaptic peppermint osA huge number of 'ibus' found on synaptic search result.

ibus search result in synaptic peppermint osMore ibus on the list.

ibus search result in synaptic peppermint osMore and more ibus search result in synaptic on peppermint os

We need the first two 'ibus' and dependencies to write in foreign language. So I select 'ibus-m17n', 'ibus' is installed in my machine. You may select 'ibus' to install it. Actually you need both 'ibus' and 'ibus-m17n' (and the associate dependencies) to write in foreign language.
ibus m17n selected at synaptic in peppermintI select 'ibus-m17n' to install. Tick on the box and select 'Mark for installation'

ibus-m17n-required-packagesIt require some more dependency to work properly. They need to download at the same time. I click on 'Mark' button.

This is a screenshot of only 'ibus' related dependencies.

ibus related dependencyIf you click to mark 'ibus' to install, then this dialogue box will show you a list of ibus related dependency files.

After selecting and marking all the files I click on the 'Apply' button to install my required files. Look at the image above. A new dialougebox will appear. It is saying that
  • 13 new packages will be installed
  • 15.1 MB of extra space will be used
  • 3824 kB have to be download
Click on 'Apply' button to install them all. Wait a minute, all package and dependency will be download and install automatically.

Now look at the image below.
input method system missing solvedI got many input method system on 'input method' tab of 'iBus preferences'. Now I am able to write in foreign language in 'Peppermint OS'


  1. Did you find a way of automatically starting the IBus daemon?

  2. What OS are you using? Peppermint? Then sorry. I will answer you later. I am going to ask it to a Peppermint developer. Thanks for visit my blog.

  3. Ah cool! Great discovery, thanks!


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