PCLinuxOS March, 2018, volume 134 issue published

PCLinuxOS March, 2018, volume 134 issue has been published. I am so late to share this news. I think I have to informe everybody about Linux oriented magazine. Today I am telling about RPM based PCLinuxOS magazine.

PCLinuxOS March, 2018, volume 134 issue has been published.

PCLinuxOS team is publishing there magazine for 10 years. But very few site marked this magazine in their review. I don't know the actual reason. I am a fan of Debian based linux. But many of us use Red Hat, Manjero as production machine. So, PCLinuxOS magazine have right to come in front of light.

In this issue Editor put many informative article in his magazine. In the editorial he discussed about a difficulties in installing some application from other official repository. He said:
Within the past week, I’ve been reminded of how installing stuff from outside the official repository can be difficult. For much of the past 10+ months, I’ve been using the PIA (Private Internet Access) VPN. Their desktop client started popping up periodic messages urging me to “update” to the most current version. Not only was that annoying, but it also sent shivers down my spine as flashbacks to my Windows days flashed before my eyes.

 Here is the Index of current issue:
  • From The Chief Editor's Desk
  • Short Topix: iOS Bootloader Leaked, ET vs BitCoin
  • LibreOffice Writer Hacks
  • Screenshot Showcase
  • DigiKam: Photo Management Basics
  • PCLinuxOS Family Member Spotlight: Ratt Salad
  • Screenshot Showcase
  • ms_meme's Nook: In The Sandbox
  • LibreOffice 6.0 Released
  • Screenshot Showcase
  • So You Want To Be A YouTuber? With PCLinuxOS You Can
  • Screenshot Showcase
  • Make Naughty Programs Be Nice
  • PCLinuxOS Recipe Corner
  • Tip Top Tips: Make An Easy Calendar In Scribus
  • Screenshot Showcase
  • Repo Review - Go For It!
  • GIMP Tutorial: Another Simple Animation
  • Screenshot Showcase
  • ms_meme's Nook: How I Love The Sandbox
  • PCLinuxOS Bonus Recipe Corner
  • PCLinuxOS Puzzled Partitions
  • More Screenshot Showcase
Every article is helpful to learn linux application more. In the ‘LibreOffice Writer Hacks’ writer Meemaw discussed some helpful hacks which could make a user more productive and save lots of time. He discussed about ‘creating a new style template’ and making it default.

Phorneker write about a photo manipulating software ‘DigiKam’. His tutorial teach us some various command to edit a photo.

In the Recipe Corner Editor trying to improve our cooking habit. So, in this issue he include the recipe of how to cook ‘Biscuits and Gravy Casserole’.
How to cook ‘Biscuits and Gravy Casserole
In the ‘Tip Top Tips’ section we could learn how to make an easy calendar in Scribus.

In the GIMP Tutorial section a simple animation creating method was discussed in very easy way.

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