How to move windows (close, minimize, maximize) buttons on left side on peppermint os

How to move windows (close, minimise, maximise) buttons on left side on peppermint os

Recently I have installed Peppermint OS 8 on my friends laptop. Her mind setting almost like me. Show also want to change the windows button position from right to left. Yes, the windows buttons are stayed at right after the windows title by default in Peppermint OS. But moving the windows buttons (Close, Maximize, Minimize) from right side to left side is very easy. How to do it? Just follow the instructions below:

1. Open ‘Terminal’
2. Type ‘xfwm4-settings’ and hit Enter
3. xfwm4 settings Window Manager will open. Be familiar with the image below.
xfce xfwm4 settings window manager on peppermint os

4. Select ‘Style’ tab. This tab will be selected by default.
5. Look at the ‘Button Layout’ section.
6. Drug the 'close', 'maximize', 'minimize' buttons from right side to left side. I have changed the position. So the buttons are shown in the left side on picture.

You have done. Now close the ‘xfwm4-settings’ window now.
Windows button (close, minize, maximize) on left side

By the way the ‘xfwm4-settings’ manager have not any shortcut link in ‘Main Menu’ or ‘Panel Preferences’ in the 'Peppermint OS' by default. So, you could not add it in any panel creating a launcher. You have to create ‘new item’ and write the command by yourself.

How to do it? Ask me at the comment section. I shall provide you the right way.

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