Booklet printing in Linux [Solved]

I always love to print files as booklet which has many pages. Yes, official files can not be print as a booklet, but unofficial files like ebooks, journals, articles, web pages etc. could be printed as booklet. It save paper and toner ink. So, today we will learn how to print files as booklet in Linux operating system.

Most of the printer driver support booklet printing in windows platform, but what about Linux? Yes there are some method. Though company did not provide any tweaks, you can still print booklet in Linux OS. There are several tweaks can be found on internet, but I discovered the easiest method. Printing a file in a booklet style can be done easily with acrobat reader in any linux platform.

I am using LinuxMint13 to do this job in this moment. Please follow me to enable booklet print option in your linux machine.
At first, search 'acroread' in synaptic package manager. Tick it and press apply to download. You should download this file with 'acroread-common' dependency file. 'acroread' file size is 60.1 MB. So, take some time in your hand before start the download.
acroread acrobat reader in linux mint to booklet printing
'acroread' downloading via synaptic
 After completing the download,  you could open a pdf file with Acrobat Reader instantly. Click on Print. A dialogue box will open. You could see 'Booklet' option in 'Page scaling'.
Booklet printing option in Linux Acrobat Reader
Booklet printing option in Linux Acrobat Reader
I wish now you can save pages and toner ink with this booklet printing method in Linux. There is a file called 'acroread-fonts' you could download via 'Synaptic package manager'. If you install this file in your machine, you could view Acrobat fonts without any hesitation. Remember that this dependency file is larger then 40 MB.


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