Window Transparency in Linux Mint xfce

window transparency linux mint xfce
window transparency linux mint xfce
If you like to enable transparent effect in Linux Mint xfce while a window is moving or inactive then this post only for you. Enabling transparent feature in xfce is very easy. If your Computer RAM is sufficient to do so, then you could use this great eye catching feature in any xfce based linux distribution.

Use the Main Menu to heed to 'Window Manager Tweaks' through 'Settings'.
compositor for transparency in window manager tweaks tool linux mint xfce
Compositor tab in Window Manager Tweaks
After opening 'Window Manager Tweaks' directly go to the last tab named "Compositor". Now click on the radio button just beside the 'Enable display compositing'.

Now you could change value of various eye candy feature in this section.
  • Opacity of window decorations
  • Opacity of inactive windows
  • Opacity of window during move
  • Opacity of window during resize
  • Opacity of popup windows
Lets change the value moving the slider horizontally and enjoy.

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