Have not download Ubuntu 11.04

I have not download Ubuntu 11.04, because I have not feel any attraction to this newer release. The main reason is Unity desktop.

From years I have download some netbook edition linux releases and test them on virtual machine and live mode. None of them give me any pleasure of using Gnome. Yes, I don't owe any Netbook computer. But I did not feel problem to understand Unity. I download and tried various netbook based linux distributions like 'Moblin', 'EasyPeasy', 'Meego', 'Ubuntu netbook remix', 'Jolycloud' etc. None of them satisfy me in any way. Though they all are like Unity2d but the main reason is the desktop usability. I like to keep my desktop clean. I always add less shortcut on my desktop. This is my common habit since windows 95. And the boring thing is on Unity desktop or populer netbook OS desktops are full of icon (application link shortcut) on desktop area. Sometimes it is hard for me to find any current downloaded pdf file which is saved on desktop. Even on some OS I can not access desktop by mouse. I can't touch any file which is saved recently on desktop. On Unity a very disturbing thing is left side pane. This is quite extra width then Gnome bottom (or top) panel. So it takes more space. I don't understand why Ubuntu developers don't understand this kind of simple thing. If they like to add regular using application links in-front of hand then they could use drawer like thing. It should have a hide button, so I can use more space when drawing a picture and I need larger area.

There are another main reason not to download or taste Ubuntu 11.04. I read many forum/ blog post/ mailing lists mail that Unity is quite modern hardware hungry. I have not much ability to buy a newer hardware.

I know Ubuntu developers will not understand money weakness of me or me like users. Because their target is not to make a lighter linux. There are many other option for lighter hardware user. They should use Light Linux not Ubuntu main distribution/ addition. They can use Lubuntu or Peppermint or AntiX or any LXDE based operating system.

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