Revolution is not dead.

Recent situations on middle east teach us that revolution is not dead yet. One of a big leader said me that NGO's and neo politics has been succeed to protect men's anger. But new era said us that revolution is still alive. Many many men are fighting, supporting, creating revolution to change their society. Struggling for a better life pushing them in road. Women are shouting outside of their home at night, children are uprising their hand at midnight. They are not sleeping. They have no sleep on their eyes. They are waiting for a golden morning.

I welcome peoples of Egypt, Tunisia, Libya to a better world in this new 20th scientific century. I salute, support your protest against dictatorship. But, friend you all are late. Let comer. Communism said and done everything before you. You have not invent anything. I just ask you one question. Have you ever hard anything about 'KARL MARX", or know anything about 'Russian Revolution (1917)'. I must said that "It is islam which is original culprit, causing bad in your life and old Arab culture. It will disturb your life in future if you not aware and left it now." Not only political resim, you should change your thinking style, philosophical view/ support and sentence about human being, mankind.

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