Bottom Panel Deleted on Peppermint One 010411 [Solved]

I download Peppermint One 010411 last month. I install it in my other harddisk and testing various thing. Really faster. After several startup (I can't remember) I found that the bottom panel (menu bar) has gone. I don't know how did it deleted from there. I am sure I did not destroyed it.

I change background wallpaper, add an another panel at top, add some link/ applet, install some application. Suddenly I found that the bottom panel/ menu bar has vanished. After searching at preference, I took help of Google and found a topic at Peppermint OS Forum. At that forum a user asked that Where did the menu bar go? (Noob) (MIA). I learned that I need to reconfigure dpkg.

Codes are written below according to the Peppermint Forum.
sudo dpkg-reconfigure peppermint-default-settings


sudo dpkg-reconfigure peppermint-ice-default-settings

alternatively the (hidden) ./config skeleton folder to restore is held at /etc/skel; copy its contents to ~./config folder

cp -r /etc/skel/.config/* ~/.config

and then some other things installed to /usr/share:

cp -r /usr/share/lxpanel/profile/Peppermint/* ~/.config/lxpanel/Peppermint
cp /usr/share/peppermint/openbox/* ~/.config/openbox
cp /usr/share/peppermint/pcmanfm/* ~/.config/pcmanfm
Famous Peppermint moderator Rich Roast wish that it will solve the preblem. If this kind of issue rise in Peppermint Ice then addresses will change. He also said that "the above is a guide only"

I applied that suggestion and solve the problem.

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