Peppermint-One-01042011.iso test,,,,

MintInstallerMintInstaller7.1.7 as Software Center

PCManFM0.9.7.8PCManFM updated to'PCManFM0.9.7.8'

Synaptic package managerSynaptic package manager 0.63.1

peppermint january 2011 desktop screenshot



desktop icons become movable on desktop

New spin of 'Peppermint one' operating system has been released some days ago. [Newslink]. I missed the news. It published on 04 January 2011. last weak I start to download new Peppermint one. Today it completed. I run 'Peppermint-One-01042011.iso' with the help of Virtual Box. Test different.
At the news post on Peppermint os homesite they said that only some change has been implied in this new respin. I am just pasting some text from the announcement post.
  1. The default kernel has been updated to 2.6.35 in order to stay more current regarding hardware support and to match the kernel in Peppermint Ice.
  2. The Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) has been completely removed from this edition in order to help with performance and to increase application modularity.
  3. The default screenshot application has been replaced with PyShot, a simple Python/GTK application contributed by our longtime friend and supporter, Ikey Doherty.
  4. Some low level utilities have been updated such as the GNU Coreutils to version 8.8, the Samba file sharing framework to 3.5.6, and others.
  5. Some user level applications have also received updates such as the PCManFM file manager to 0.9.8, LXTerminal to 0.1.9, and Firefox to 4.0b8
But I think they forget to mention a great change found on this new release. They said it only in half sentence at last number. This is about PCManFM file manager. Now, from this new version PCManFM desktop icon become movable. I read this news at XDE blog

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