Burn IMG files to USB in Ubuntu

You may found that various kind of operating system delivered as a .img file. Today we will learn 'How to burn or write or install .IMG file to a usb pendrive'. Installing procedure is very easy. You can do it with the help of a simple tool called 'Ubuntu Image Writer'. You can find this tool in 'Ubuntu Software Center'. It is a tiny tool to write .img files to USB Keys. This tool can work perfectly in any Debian based Linux operating system, like Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Peppermint OS or Lubuntu.
image writer tool in ubuntu software centerimage writer tool in ubuntu software center
How to get this application? Just heed to Main Menu > Ubuntu Software Center. Write 'ImageWriter' at searchbox. You will find it in seconds. Connect to internet. Click on 'Install'. It will install in seconds according to your internet connection.
image writer program in ubuntu main menuUbuntu image writer programs location in ubuntu main menu
After completing installment, you can get that tiny tool at Main Menu> Accessories submenu. Go to that link and click. 'Ubuntu Image Writer' will start now. But remember, if you did not connect any usb key on any usb slot, then it will show an error message.
img file burning complete messageimg file burning complete message
How to burn an .img file using this tool?
Firstly, connect an empty usb pen drive in a usb slot. Then start 'imagewriter' from menu. Password required. It will recognize your usb key instantly. Click on next to 'Write Image' text to browse your hard disk and select any .img file. Now click on 'Write to device' button at the botton of the interface. Writing .img file to usb device will start. Wait a bit. After completing it will give you a message:
The image wass successfully written to the target device.
You are free to unplug it now, a log of the operation will be saved in your homedir if you close the program.
Now, you can remove the usb key and store for later use or restart computer to boot from usb device and start newly installed Operating System instantly.

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