The panel encountered a problem while loading Gnome desktop applet

 The panel encountered a problem while loading ubuntu Gnome desktop appletLast time while I come to desktop after starting my Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat) machine, a message appear infront-of me. A dialogue box say:
The panel encountered a problem while loading "OAFHD:GNOME_NotificationAreaApplet".

Do you want to delete the applet from your configuration?
I click on 'Don't Delete'. I restart my computer and everything goes fine. No any warning message shows it's ugly face anymore. I searched google if there are anybody facing this kind of problem. I found many result. I understand that this problem occurs when applets start on panels. I add 20 applet on top panel. It is a heavy panel to load quickly. Don't blame me for this practice. I am a Ubuntu guy man. And I leave windows for greed of this kind of customisation ability. But what about the problem?

I found that when you see this kind of crash report, please restart of simply logout and login again. Wish to solve the problem.

You can try some more way to solve it.
  • Create a new user and use this account.
  • Reinstall gnome-applets and gnome-applets-data from synaptic package manager.
  • Logout and login again
  • Update/upgrade system. (System should fully patched and updated)

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