'ibus input method system' missing in antiX

You know I am exploring antiX Linux for some weeks. Today I found that their is no any ibus input method tool in antiX synaptic package manager. What a strange thing it is!

ibus-on-ubuntu10.10-synaptic-package-manageribus on ubuntu10.10 synaptic package manager
Look at the image above. It is taken in Ubuntu 10.10. We can install 'ibus input method system' from here any time in a simple and easy way. But what about antiX?

ibus-on-antiX-synaptic-package-managerno ibus on antiX synaptic package manager
Main 'ibus input method system' tool is not included in antiX repository by default? WHY? I can't guess or think the reason. Do they (antiX developers) don't want us to use antiX in our own language?

ibus input method missing on right click drop down list.
I have not found any foreign language input method system on any word processor on antiX (I took this screenshot using my favourite text editor 'Leafpad'. I also searched for 'SCIM'. But 'SCIM' is not included into antiX repository by default.

I failed to write in my own language at antiX system.


  1. The latest beta release of antiX comes with ibus installed and fonts for Japanese, Chinese and Korean.

    You can install ibus from the Debian Testing repo (set by default in antiX)

  2. Thanks for the information. I read the announcement at antiX forum. But, I have not tested the newly released antiX m11 beta1 version yet.

  3. anticapitalista12/21/10, 7:13 PM

    I included ibus and (some) Chinese, Japanese and Korean fonts as I saw one of your articles on antiX.

    Good luck with your blog.


  4. What about 'SCIM'? Is not it included in antiX operating system? Please inform me quickly, because I am going to download antiX.

  5. @ anticapitalista. I am feeling proud to see you here. Thank you very much for visit and comment. I am very happy to see ibus on next version. But I have not tested antiX 11 yet. I think you don't need to include any other language by default except English. ISO file size will increase for extra font. I believe every non English speaker computer use has their own language pack saved in their hard disk. They can install fonts later. But 'ibis' or 'SCIM' is very essential for writing. So, adding these will make antiX more usable to all.

    @ cristi, sorry, 'SCIM' is not included by default on antiX operating system.

  6. SCIM has been replaced by ibus which is not included in any released antiX, though you can download it as it is in the Debian Testing repos (enabled by default in antiX).
    You can also use the meta-installer app included in antiX to install various languages such as Chinese for example.

    Maxim - I have decided to include ibus and basic fonts for Chinese, Japanese, Korean as I also would like the menu to show up in those languages when/if chosen for livecd/liveusb use. It makes antiX bigger, but it easily fits on a cd.


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