antix vs swiftlinux comparison

Swift Linux Official LogoSwift Linux is an another floavour of antiX os. I found it on antiX forum. I feel so much curious that I started to download it. After several days I am able to complete it. Just after download I start "Virtual Box OSE" and run "swiftlinux".

I am so frustrated that can't talk for some minutes. Swiftlinux is antiX. Yes, There is nothing difference between antiX and Swiftlinux. Both are same on my view. I am not a geek. So can't tell any tech base difference. But after start everybody who know 'antiX' will be worry about 'Swiftlinux'. I don't want to write any review for 'Swiftlinux', Because, actually it is antix, wrap with and decorate with other theme. I believe it has no future.

I run both of them on 'Virtual Machine' and took those screenshot. Look at the image below. Left side is default 'antiX' os and right side is 'Swiftlinux'. I think you are viewing huge difference between both of them.
antix-swift-linux-applications-accessories meu-submenuI expand 'Accessories' sub menu from 'Application' main menu. If you can't see clearly click on the images. You click will open larger image.

You should not mention changed theme as a difference. "AntiX' use 'IceGilDust' and 'Swiftlinux' using 'IceClearlooks' themes.
antix-swift-linux-applications-system-tools-submenuAre you telling about those desktop icons showing on swiftlinux? Friend, icons are showing on swiftlinux, because rox filer is selected here as default window manager. It automatically run first at startup. AntiX also has this included on main menu. You can use 'rox' filer as default wm.

My suggestion is not to download 'Swiftlinux'. If you have antiX downloaded then it will give you the original test of 'swiftlinux'. 'What makes Swift Linux so great?'-- I don't found any unique reason which is only perfect for 'swiftlinux'. You may read that page and understand yourself.

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  1. Nice helpful review : it made me spare some time.

    As I'm not a native english speaker, that sentence is hard to understand : "But after start everybody who know 'antiX' will be worry about 'Swiftlinux'." (2nd §)


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