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Google Chrome OS Netbook released

It seems that Google has published its own chrome os netbooks on market. The netbooks are atom based so consume less battery, run longer then normal laptop. It comes with Chrome OS installed. Anybody can curious that how it look like and what it will do. I have never use or test chrome os. I have downloaded a non officeal version, tried to test but failed. I know a little reading from internet. I just read on a website:
Mr. Upson said in an interview with the Financial Post earlier this year.

"By doing this, we can make the computer much simpler to use.... We want to make it so that the user never has to install software, never has to manage software, or update software or worry about security. By rethinking the operating system from the ground up, we can solve these problems."
I don't like this idea. Though I like to test Google Chrome OS on vm.

I am not sure, whether google bring their little toy on public or not. I have just read this two news and writing this post.

I am waiting for the official google announcement to be sure about this hot news.

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