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PCLinuxOS failed to connect GPRS Edge internet via mobile phone

You may know that I use Nokia E 51 mobile phone to connect internet. At my last post (PCLinuxOS LXDE Review and Screenshots) I said that I will publish a post about why I don't recommend you PCLinux OS to use as first Operating system. Here, I am publishing my explanation.

I tried to connect my mobile phone as a 'Mobile Broadband Device'. But failed. PClinux OS have not give me any chance to use my mobile set. It detect my phone but did not show it on file manager or network manager. Look at the images I use in this post.
pclinuxos network internet connection wizardPCLinuxOS network internet connection wizard
I started from 'PCLinuxOS control Center'. At 'Network and Internet' section I clicked on 'Set up a new network interface (LAN, ISDN, ADSL,...)'. Then a newer window come and ask me to submit some information.

Network setting wizard on pclinuxos lxde Network setting wizard on pclinuxos lxde
I have not anything to write in this form. And the result is: 'No device found for this type of connection'.
No device found on internet pclinux osNo device found.

Nokia Usbpn network down pclinuxosNokia network down pclinuxos

At 'NetApplet' on the right side of bottom pannel, I found a connection called 'usbpn0'. I clicked on it. But failed. Look at the image just above. It shows that 'Nokia E51 Network is down'. I also found that default connection is 'ethernet'. I have not find any way to make Nokia E51 connection as default.

After trying in my way at last I failed to connect internet by PCLinux OS LXDE. I believe that other version like kde, gnome will behave same. They would not able to connect gprs internet using any mobile phone.

I searched synaptic package manager. I found that 'usbmodeswitch' is installed. Though pclinux os failed to use my mobile phone as a mobile broadband device.

Dear Reader,
So, I suggest you to not use PCLinux OS at first time. Use Ubuntu or Peppermint OS and discover that connecting internet is so much easy that you can not dream.


  1. I don't have any problems connecting to the internet with PCLinuxOS and neither do many hundreds of thousands of users. Just because it did not work with our mobile phone doesn't mean it doesn't work with others.

  2. Dear Anonymous, Thanks for comment. Yes, I know that you had no problem connecting to internet because you are using other option, not like mine. I have no cable line or another mobile device. I have only a Nokia E51 mobile phone. I use it to connect internet. Ubuntu, LinuxMint, Peppermint even Puppylinux detect my modem instantly. But so called famous PCLOS don't do it for me. Why? Why do I need to install another application or package or tools. How do I download them, when I was not connect internet. Do I use another computer? Hey, Hey, what a funny idea? If you want to blame Nokia, you can. Bu, I have not fall in problem in ubuntu or others.

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