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NetSpeed: Internet traffic monitor

You must use a network traffic monitor if you use internet as regular basis. I got a handy slim network traffic monitor years ago and I am using it from then. I love this applet very much. I add it in my top panel and always be active with it when I surf through online. It is a internet connection indicator, speed indicator, download and upload speed checker. It can show download and uploading speed on top panel.
Netspeed is an applet for the GNOME panel that shows how much traffic occurs on a network device (ethernet card, wireless LAN card, or dial-up).
So, It is a very important tool for everyone. You should use it when you love to hangout online whole day.Internet traffic monitor on Ubuntu Netspeed
You will get in 'Ubuntu Software Center' or in 'Synaptic Package Manager'. Search 'netspeed' and install it.
Netspeed preferences menuChange some common preferences is quite easy.
Netspeed right click show more infoRight click menu on the icon show original menu or this application itself.
Network device and netspeed ubuntu linuxYou can change some Generel Settings from preferences dialogue box.

Run it in several way. I am telling you the only best and recommended way.
Click Add to Panel on anywhere in the top panel. You will get it in the N area of this alphabetical list. Click on 'Network Monitor' to select it and click on Add. Everytime you start computer it will start automatically and be ready to do its job. Connect internet or any network it will start to show data / information instantly.

Netspeed Official Website


  1. how to add netspeed onto panel?
    I've installed and search for it in the aplet list, and there is no netspeed nor network monitor in it.
    please help, I'm a newbie in Ubuntu.

  2. Thanks for visit and comment. I told the way to add netspeed onto panel at the end of this post.

  3. i don't see netspeed anywhere , what did i do wrong? please email me at novachevyguy@yahoo


  4. I am sorry to see your problem. Sorry, I am failed help you in this critical situation. Please report it in ubuntu forum.
    Thanks for staying with me.

  5. Thnks a lot maxim..

    Is works v good. ur post is vry helpful..



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