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ADesk Bar: Alternative Panel for Ubuntu

Today we will replace our bottom panel with a attractive one. Look at the image below.
a desk bar alternate bottom panel ubuntuIt's called 'ADesk Bar', current version 0.4.2 and it is a lightweight application launcher for Openbox

But you can use it as a alternate to default bottom panel on Ubuntu Linux (Gnome Desktop). This include some more feature then original Ubuntu bottom panel.A Desk bar preferences alternate to default panelADesk Bar preferences. Resize it, Colour it, Hide it automatically or always. You can use it as a replacement of that default bottom bar. Default options are: size, style, icon effect, behavior (fixed mode aka use as a alternative panel).

adeskbar alternative panel adding a pluginAdding a plugin is very easy in this panel. These plugins are work like applet. Available plugins are: Digital Clock, Menu (simple), Menu, Places, Search box, Separator, Session Control, Show Desktop, Spacer, Notification area, Task list, Quick Terminal, Volume Mixer and Window list. Just click on the drop down menu and add any of them by clicking on the icon.Add launcher from menu adesk barYou can add any program shortcut here from main menu.adesk bar add a custom launcherEven you can add a custom launcher in this powerful and smart bottom panel.

And, you can place it anywhere on the desktop. Top, bottom, right, left, corners all are suitable landing ground for this Alternative GNome Desktop Panel. Change its position from 'Position' tab.

Get more information from developers page. Download deb file (Will work all Debian based linux distribution like Ubuntu, LinuxMint, Peppermint etc.

Latest version adeskbar.0.4.2-all.deb

After download double click that debfile. You know installing a deb file in ubuntu is very easy.

Run it using "Alt+F2" and enter "adeskbar" on commandline. Or, make a launcher and add it in a drawer or in a "Startup Applications Preferences".

Update: adeskbar developer has been changed their web address. The new address is
Download new version adeskbar 0.4.3.deb


  1. This made for openbox, but work on Gnome too. really a perfect replacement of default panel.



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