Chile miners will rescue soon

Chile trapped miners rescue operation For more then two months ago (5 August) 33 miners have been trapped in a mine 2300 feet below. They can access only 1 kilometer tunnel but there is no light for them. In any third world they might left for dead. But in this situation world help them to rescue. I just saw an animation at BBC. It shows the way to rescue the trapped miners.

View a guide to rescue animation at BBC

I copied the news from BBC below.
Thirty-three miners were trapped underground when part of the San Jose mine in Chile's Atacama desert collapsed on 5 August 2010.

A second collapse on 7 August hampered rescue efforts, blocking access to the lower parts of the mine.

The San Jose mine, 800km (500 miles) north of Santiago, is mined for copper and gold. The main path - or rampa - reaches down to 720m (2,362ft) below the surface.

The collapses, blocking exit routes, had taken place between 400m (1,312ft) and 500m (1,640ft).

Rescue teams drilled a number of exploratory boreholes, sending listening probes down knowing that, despite the collapse of some ventilation shafts, the miners may have survived.
Today news spreads that they will start to comeup on wednesday next. I am waiting to see their video on TV.

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