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How to automount drive in Ubuntu

We know that in Windows NTFS format harddrives do not mount automatically. We need to double click on drivelatter to mount it. This is quite disturbing and cause of some problem too. Say, you have some song in Rhythmbox Music player Library. Those MP3 files are at one of your windows NTFS drive. If that drive is not mount automatically after Ubuntu start, then you will get 'Error' message running a mp3.

We can solve this problem with a little application named 'ntfs-config'. Just enable 'write permission' then your preferred drive will be mount automatically after Ubuntu startup.

  • Write the code below at terminal. You may need to submit password. (Connect in Internet).
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get ntfs-config
  • Necessary dependency and main application will download from internet.
  • To start that NTFS mounting application type the code below in terminal.
sudo ntfs-config
Now configure it as you need.

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