Peppermint OS ScreenShot

Peppermint OS is starting to run through.
File Manager PCManFM 0.9.5
There is no treeview on sidepan. This is disturbing because you need to go up and back again and again to enter into older folder.
Accessories Menu on Main menu.
Preferences Menu
Change various kind of settings from 'Preferences' menu.
Software manager
Godown of application 'Software manager'. Use Linux Mint repositories.
Synaptic Package Manager
Yet another software source 'Synaptic Package Manager'.
Right click on a empty desktop
Right click on any empty area on desktop, this tiny menu will open instantly.
Right click menu on a file or folder
Tasks will change if you right click on a file or a folder.
The cloud player
I like the idea and thoughts of cloud player. I never use it before. Now will give it some try.
Last FM
Seesmic web
Open Box Configuration
Session Manager
start Installing
Installation procedure is really simple. Just follow and go.

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