Desktop Search Tool for Ubuntu: Launchy

There are a nice search tool in Mac system. It's called 'Spotlight. That tool can search your full system application. You can even launch any application with 'Spotlight'. Same kind of search tool can be use in Ubuntu. There are several search tool for Ubuntu. But the best is 'Launchy'.
Launchy at menuYou can run 'Launchy' from Application ->Accessories-> Launchy

You can add your NTFS partitions and various format file on it.

Features:Search Google with launchy
  1. Use as Calculator. Write "gcalc 4+4” and press 'Enter' for seconds. Google will show you result. Write "gcalc 4 dollars in euros” and see the result.
  2. Search Web with it. You can search at google, msn, yahoo, live, weather, amazon, wikipedia, dictionary, thesaurus, imdb, netflix, and msdn. Write name of search engine or site and any 'keyword', press enter.
  3. You can search bookmarks on Firefox 3.x. To do this take a new tab and write 'about:config' (Without quotes) and search for “browser.bookmarks.autoExportHTM", now double click to make it 'True'.
I found some more 'Tips and Tricks' on 'Launchy' Website.

Launcy search tool option in ubuntuOptions of Launchy
Launcy search tool option screenshot in ubuntuLauncy search tool option screenshot

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