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Many blog-admin like to disable right click on their site. This is a pure disturbing thing for me. I like to open in other tab when I read a page. After completing reading that page I found other pages opened instantly. This is time saving practice in internet life. I know there are  lot of issues like 'copyright', 'authenticity', etc. I believe if anyone want to destroy me, if he really want to, if he is a core hacker s/he can do that. I am not much strong to protect them. Only brilliants/ genius can know cracking. And we can also....

1. Disable Javascript: Most of that annoying message and protection made by javascript. If you disable JavaScript in option then nothing will active in that page. Even copying is protected in a single web-page.

2. Use this link below
Here your right click do not response anymore. Write this code after loading that page and press enter.

3. An another script can be use to do so
This kind of page has different kind of message box (dialogue box)

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