Windows button layout right to left in LinuxMint Mate

windows button right to left in Linux Mint Mate
Desktop settings in Linux Mint Mate
I always like changing the position of windows buttons from right side to left side. It is a Mac like style which is getting popularity day by day. You may know that Ubuntu is using this style from years. I had told you the method of changing windows buttons layout position from right to left in Xfce desktop environment and Lxde desktop environment before.

Today I am publishing the customization method in Mate desktop environment.

This is really an easy task in LinuxMint Mate.
  • First of all heed to 'Desktop Settings' through 'System > Preferences'.
  • Now click on the 'Windows' at left menu.
  • At 'Appearance' change the 'Buttons layout' from the drop down menu. There are two style. One is 'Traditional style (Right)' and other is 'Mac style (Left)'. 
  • Change will take effect instantly.
Really great! Nah!

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