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Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx LTS review

Lucid Lynx desktop imageUbuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx LTS released at 29th April 2010. My bad luck I got it in my hand only 2 days ago. Now I have installed Ubuntu in my computer and start to surf on the sky. What a speed! I love it. Actually I have never ever feel so comfortable before using any operating system. Last 28th April every “BUNTU” were waited for Lucid. I also. But I wait more 2 days. Because I know that thousands of person will start to download Lucid at the same time. I can not get any chance to enter in crowd. My internet line speed is very slow. At last I am able to finish download of Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx LTS after 7 days trying. Seconds after complete I burnt the iso file to a blank disk and restart. I didn't see any preview in live CD mode. I know what it is going to be.

Ah!!!! what a fast operating system it is!!!!!!!! Complete install in 16 minutes. From beep to desktop it taking only 9 seconds. Actually I want to use Ubuntu Lucid for 3 years. It is a LTS that means Long Term Support. I want to see the changes step by step.

I am writing this review in Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx mode. I saw some changes which I want to share with you.

Boot option and screen:
There are plenty of changes in Boot option. Boot screen also change a lot.

Installation Slide:
This is quite little new idea implemented in Ubuntu. Karmic also has a different kind of slide, but that was not much details as Lucid.

Hardware Factor:
All hardware is auto detected by default. I did not need to change or moderate any configuration or download any file.

New colour and theme:
Two new theme is added in Lucid Ubuntu. Ambiance and Radiance. Bothe are clean and sleek. Ambiance is dark and Radiance is light colour.

From start to last release Ubuntu colorize her with aubergine (like brown) color. Now like everything color also change. Aubergine off and orange come.

Terminal is transparent. You can change colour and add image in background.

Logo was changed a lot. Design, polishing, color all are retouched by experts. Now Ubuntu look like a bright day.

Every Linux lover knows that window title bar's control buttons place was changed. They are placed on left side. Mark Shuttworth told us that something new options will be add at right side from coming ubuntu. So we need to change our habit.

Icons of notification area got new look and activity. Upper panels right side notification icons are now interactive. When need them to active for and alert message the change their color repeatedly.

There are some change in default File manager “Nautilus”. 'Zoom', 'Icon View' buttons changed their place. A new option for pan added in view menu.

Until last Ubuntu there are a option in 'Location bar' or 'Address bar' in nautilus. There were a button just side of address bar. But now this button was uprooted. Actually there are not any button for change view in plain text. Now we need to press “Ctrl+l” to change as 'directory location tab' to 'plain text' style.

Social Ubuntu:
Not only in colour or beauty, Ubuntu changed its style on behave. Not it is more social than any other operating system. At first it has opensource microblogging client 'Gwibbar”. A new user menu was added named “MeMenu”. You can manage more than 10 social account like facebook, flickr, twitter, with it at a time. You don't need to login every network. Just log in in MeMenu and you will start to get new message instantly. It is really a great achivement of Ubuntu. Adding this social menu ubuntu go more then a step ahed of Windows and Mac.

Software center is updated. There was a bug in its last edition. It was added in Ubuntu 9.10 first time. And it was litter buggy. Now software center very much effective and informative and resourceful. You can get thousands of application in this huge godown. It is written in the status bar of software center is “32403 Items available”. So what are you understand?

Cloud Storage is now in your own hand with some click. Go everywhere in the world and get your files in your hand in anytime.

Goodbye to Gimp: Popular Gimp is not added in Lucid. I don't know what is the actual reason for throwing Gimp. And there are no any nonvector image editor in “Graphics” menu.

Pitivi Video editor is added in this version:
Pitivi is a small, fast, easy to use video editor. It is so handy that anybody can operate this software. They will learn it withing minutes. If you want to learn about editing video with Picivi please let me know. I will help you.
Volume control is now horizontal. It is not are in vertical position. So space will not spoiled by volume control. Increase or decrease volume with scroll bar is very funny only in Ubuntu.

Some more application added in Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx LST:
Open 3.2
Simple Scan for scanning images or anything.
Transmission BitTorrent client is nor more powerful then any other torrent downloader. It takes full bandwith of your internet connection so jigantic files can be download with a short time.
Audio player Rhythmbox is best multimedia I have ever seen.

Totem Movie Player for video.

Brasero Disk Burner is a lovely choice for CD/DVD burning.

Taking screenshot is really funny and specific only with “Take Screenshots”.

Tomboy Note is really great tool for them who like to copy and past again and again.

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