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I have changed my contact form

wufoo email me contact formAfter starting this blog, I have add a contact form in this page. I used 'Wufoo" to create a contact form. But today I have changed my provider.

Last day one of my friend said that he just send a mail to me and I did not answer her yet. She is very angry to me for my not reply. I am astonised. What is she said? I thought did she really send me any mail using my blog's contact form? I checked that form by myself sending a fake email. But alas! She is write and I am wrong. 'Wufoo' did not send me any mail. That means 'wufoo' contact form is not working? Why? What's the reason? Is it for that I am a free user? If so, then they did not done any fare job to me. Because I did not found any such kind information that they will not send mail to me if I am a free user.

I log on to 'wufoo' site and did not found any mail if they want free users to log in to read mails. No. There was no any mail waiting for me. Even there is no any options or help page which describe my problem.

So, I decided to through out 'wufoo' from my site. Actually 'wufoo' has many nice feature and colorful control panel. I liked them all. And want to write a post about them. But they done unfair to me. They don't like free users. They don't want free blogger to use their form. They should write it clearly in bold text in their website. Even they have not any trial period for their free users.

Today, I go to site and made a Email Me form for my blog. I add it into my blogs Contact Page and working nice. You may check it sending me a mail.

I am very happy with the service of 'emailmeform'. I will write a post about them as soon as possible.

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